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Friends thats due in february??? Im bad wit remembering these names on here ... But my question is do u guys think your goin to make it to your due date?? I really dnt think i am ...

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— im due the 6th of feb, since i found out my due date i had a feeling she would be born on jan 28, but by how things r going i dont think she will be coming out anytime soon

— yep.... I'm Feb 14th..induced on Feb 9th tho

— due Feb 6th and I can't tell yet.... haven't had any contractions yet just Braxton I feel like she's just really comfy in there lol she's pretty big tho already so that might help her come early! how do you kno you won't make it?

— Feb 4th and i have no idea! Probably stay havent lost my plug or anything just started feeling cramps.

— I'm February 21 & have a fear I'm going to go in before my due date since my baby shower is the 6th😖

— Wow!!! U guys are so close i gotta wait til the 26th😩😩😩 i jus want my baby out!!! @sexii_diiva u can really ask for an induction date???? @mdomke22 bcuz im huge cant walk from the pressure but i still do anyway .. Dr checking his weight next week to see how much he weigh n says the pressure is jus his head on my cervix which has been soft since i was 28 weeks

— Feb 19th i dont think i will. i keep having random dreams of me delivering early lol but we'll seem i hope he comes a little early 🙏

— Feb.26 but I need her out right after the 7 my body sore and it feels like she's sticking her arm out my private!!!

— I'm due the 10th and I keep imagining the 28th also @2615mommi2b that's funny!

— that is funny @brandi_22 be ecv awesome if it happened

— Yes i feel lik his lil finger tickle me down there... 26th jus too long to still be pregnant😖.... @mariahappy already miserable ... Ugh bout to start crying...Days goin so slow @mimifeb19 i think its good your havin those dreams maybe its a sign?? I jus really dnt want to get any bigger @mazimorales my friend went in labor at her shower lol anything is possible

— That would be awesome we should call dibs on that day @2615mommi2b

— @mazimorales, my baby shower on the 7th I would love to go in labor the same night it would be the best day ever lol

— I feel lik mines comin so hopefully ill be lucky n get to have him the beginning of feb n not the end... I knw im complainin but yal jus dnt knw... Nun of my shoes fit due to swollen feet n ankles... @delilahsmommy2015 jus want it all over wit...

— yes.. I don't want my baby born on vday so He said he can induce me at 39 weeks

— Lucky duck😩😔 @sexii_diiva

— you can ask your Dr 😉