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who's Team March? I need some buddies πŸ˜ƒ. Im march 7th Team Pink πŸŽ€.

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β€” March 11th with a baby boy 😊

β€” πŸ˜† Hi @mommy_31115 how you feeling?

β€” pretty well! ready for him to be here! how are you feeling?

β€” The same becoming impatient. All the new babies are making me more anxious.

β€” @mommy_31115,

β€” March 22 team πŸ’™

β€” @christalle09, yaayyy are you ready?

β€” march 26 team blue.

β€” Awww Im the only team Pink so far lol

β€” march 9 team blue

β€” March 23rd team pink πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

β€” March 28th having a little girl!

β€” Now im seeing some pink lol @mrs.oliva @babybishop2015 @jamie_renea03 @eskawho How you ladies feeling?

β€” march 16 with a girl β™‘

β€” I'm feeling great! been lucky with a smooth pregnancy so far.

β€” Im in pain 😩

β€” Worn out @charisma_shay lol I'm growing impatient

β€” 😊 yayy @schevanya march 16 is my childs father B day. @eskawho awesomeπŸ‘. @mrs.oliva I am sometimes I think cause she is head down and a little big.

β€” March 18th team blueπŸ’™

β€” @jamie_renea03, I know the feeling wish I could fall asleep and wake up on the day she will be here in Labor lol wishful thinking.

β€” @charisma_shay, my back is the only thing killing me other than that I feel great.

β€” yayy @tee0318 , @babybishop2015 Thats awesome.

β€” Yes just nervous

β€” march 15, team pink :)

β€” March 29th #pink

β€” @christalle09, is this your first? Its not as bad as some people make it out to be every labor is different This is my 6th and im soooo ready lol. @elliesmommy0315 yayyy how are you?

β€” Yaayy @smithgirl its quite a few March babies here I had no clue I thought everyone was basically due this month and next month.

β€” Yea i thought the same thing @charisma_shay #March

β€” Im great! :) Getting nervous and excited!! Im just ready to see her face.

β€” @elliesmommy0315, Thats the best feeling ever I cant wait either.

β€” March 22

β€” @christinap149 my birthday is March 22! lol

β€” @jstrong12712, my birthday is on the 29

β€” March 8th 😁