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I'm glad it is over😌and back home.. at 1/14/15 12:15am my little one was born. 3 hours of labor in the hospt. It wAs the slowest time of my life. All natural vaginal birth. My bf and I had talked before About med free delivery and I was up for it, but I told him f that if I can't handle it I'm throwing in the towel.. I was 5 cent when I arrived at the hospt & I told the nurses I wanted the epid because the pain was unbearable and excruciating, they said ok we need to get the doc in here. By then it was too lateπŸ˜– the nurse checked me and in an hour I had went to 7 cent, Too l8e for me. Couldn't get it anymore. There I was holding tight into my mf and his mom on the other side. Vomiting,(TMI) screaming "I can't,I can't, it hurts, ohhh gawwwwwd," breathing heavily,trying to remember my breathing exc, And trying to rest between the contractions..another at around 11:55 I felt the need to poo. Lol . Mil said that's the bby not poo..the nurses checked me once again and they said, ok it's time we need to move her quickly to delivery. I was 9cent now.. I was so relieved to hear that. I knew it was time. Once he was out n crying all the pain I was thinking was gone, skin to skin moment, I couldn't help to kiss and rub him from his butt to head as he came out..Holy shiiiiiiiz I still can't believe I did it with no meds, anesthesia. But i did get 2nd degree tear... ALL WORTH ITπŸ˜“πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ I was glad my bf was the only one w me at delivery, he got to see everything, and he had such positive vibes he made me feel like a trooper... Boy do I have a life long story to tell in the future. Happy mummy to Adrian Marley.V. 7lbs 1oz born 38 weeks +3days..
😘 my little teddy bear, my lil trooper, my whole life right journey arrives..

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β€” Congrats he's so cute (: !! This gave me the courage to do it med free

β€” Congrats he's handsome little man

β€” Congratulations he is one handsome little boy!!

β€” Aww congrats mama!!

β€” Hes beautiful!! :) good job you are amazing girl :)

β€” @flowersssxo, thanks :). You can do it hunz.. Although the pain is there,It's all in the heAd.

β€” @meganc, @kgonza87 @jellybeansmommie @alexandrajoy13 thank you wonderful ladies ! I really appreciate it. The journey begins l. I wish you all the best best best of luck,peace and serenity.

β€” πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ˜†πŸ˜Š

β€” beautiful baby congratulations

β€” Awww beautiful labor story n baby!!!! Proud of u!!!

β€” Thank you hunz_^ @mrsruvalcaba

β€” @indifferent, thank you lovely :).