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You know what really grinds my gears? When I have a serious question 'pregnancy' related -& barely get any comments but then I scroll down && see someone talking about how they baby daddy cheating or how they haven't ate for 10 days cuz they don't have a man, they have 50 or so comments... 😑😑😑 y'all backward.. but that's society...society loves drama

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— 👏

— @brandi_22 😘

— @sexii_diiva Idk why that is. I've been seeing that alot. Along with lots of complaining

— @bellamama09 yes girl

— agreed!

— Very funny

— 👏👏 I completely agree

— I couldn't agree with you more cuz lately I been asking real ass questions and barely got any feedback. that really makes me mad

— yes this site is turning into Maury girl the teenage drama with and without teens being involved because some of these grown woman act like their a teen the my baby daddy hurt me I mean yes everybody needs some comfort when going thru thing but when all the drama is out weighing the positivity of pregnancy it's getting draining

— @kaymariah @babyethansmommy exactly y'all... that's why I probably stay on here a little bit after the baby but not super long.. it's a lot of young girls

— yes me too I live talking to y'all but I'm like ugh I can't deal anymore it's getting annoying. that's why I get on like one maybe twice a day say what I gotta say like a few post and keep it moving.

— @babyethansmommy yea

— Right!!! ugh

— Yea Idk how long ima stay on here either. when I actually have real questions nobody answers or even likes but when you talk about stuff non baby related everybody got something to say