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Anyone used primose oil to soften cervix? My Dr "doesn't recommend" any remedies but I really wanna have this baby on my induction date && as of now my cervix is hard. So how do you use it? what are the pros && con's && will it harm baby?

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— I think I read somewhere that it can cause birth defects,but that was google so who knows if that's even true!

— lol girl I'm gonna have to read about it... some Dr tell you to take it.. @brandi_22

— @sexii_diiva, stop it, have a couple orgasms, I'm not joking seriously, let him hit it or kiss it, and then do some squats if you can stand them, they told me 10 a day, if we was close to each other we could walk Walmart together, but since we can't just walk don't be doing none of that other crazy junk

— @mrssabby lol you couldn't even walk if we did live close!!! but squats? what does squats do? y'all trying to give me a work out foreal.. have you been doing squats?

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— Girl naw@sexii_diiva I can do 1 lol

— so i had a friend in winconsin her daughter did use some type of oil and OMG her husband had to delivery baby at there house BC it happen so fast!!

— they said it was crazy! lol

— @rykerpmommy oo shoot lol

— @sexii_diiva, lol yeah but he is so healthy

— aww . I wonder what's the name of that oil I'm desperate.... I'm gonna try sex -& more walking rjia week..if my Dr still says cervix hard then I'm on to plan b @rykerpmommy

— @sexii_diiva, i believe it was castroil oil but not sure if it is good! Good luck:)

— My mom tried castor oil...

— @rykerpmommy @shellyds castroil oil gives ya diarrhea huh lol ? I gotta Google it

— im not sure. i think it does! @sexii_diiva