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so got up here at twelve and so far all that's happened is I've been put on iv fluids and penicillin and they put some pill in my vagina to soften my cervix. it's already 3:15

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— was your cervix already soft or dilated or no?

— it was dilated 1cm but not really softened any @sexii_diiva

— oo OK... good luck 😄

— Good luck, n congratulations@mom2be96

— thank you both @sexii_diiva and @brittanymetzger7988

— keep us updated want to see the precocious little baby @mom2be96

— Are you dilated anymore now?

— Oh wow good luck!

— thank you @momof6 and I don't know @kgonza87 they put that pill against my cervix and disappeared. they did it like almost 4 hours ago

— I still haven't even been put on pitocin

— Keep us updated!