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I am trying for a girl. what can i do to have a baby girl. i made names already. could you help me to become pregnant?! i have been taking prenatal Supplements. and trying to diet. and portion stuff. I am trying to have a baby with my fiancΓ©. :)

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β€” well there's really not much you can do to have a girl just do it like they do it on the discovery channel πŸ˜‚ lol jk but track your ovulation n stuff :)

β€” You can't choose the sex of your baby lol..

β€” i can't afford much ovulation stuff cuz I'm poor as fk. and i am paying with pay-ee $ so how could u know if you are having a boy or girl cuz if I'm pregnant mine is more like a shape of a basketball.

β€” Not judging but if you're financially unstable, trying for a baby at this moment probably isn't the best. You can't tell what you're having by the shape of your belly, heart beat, etc. those are all myths. Only thing that will tell you what you're having is the ultrasound of the baby's genitals. Good luck!

β€” @ashdianalmy1, have you had a doctors appointment? & you dont usually tell until around 19 weeks

β€” they are telling me there is nothing there but i have symptoms. and the belly. they are pissing me off

β€” if you've had a blood test and an ultrasound and the doctors are telling you there isn't anything there, then you are not pregnant.

β€” @ashdianalmy1, hmm well maybe its to early to tell?

β€” unfortunately you cannot choose the gender of your baby. during the process of the baby developing it's actually up to the mans body to choose what gender the baby will be.

β€” I'm not trying to be rude but I have to put my input in here, if you can't afford ovulation stuff then why would you try to bring a helpless child into the world. Don't you realize it costs a lot of money to have and raise a baby? It's not all fun and games it's a life decision maybe you should think about this more throughly. Good luck.

β€” well i am on SSI i can pay with that money. so yea

β€” What happens when the SSI runs out you don't get it anymore??