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it makes me mad to hear that people are going up to my boyfriend in school and talk about me being pregnant. all because his damn little brother can't keep his mouth shut. I swear imma go back to that school since I'm NOT showing anything yet in a sports bra with this big ass megaphone and just stop random people and ask through the megaphone if I look pregnant. this pisses me off to the nth degree. people need to mind their own damn business. rant over!

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— Would be the funniest thing ever to me Lol At the end scream don't worry about me worry bout yourself

— @mariahappy Lmao or just announce over the pa system "hello lovelies its the one you love to talk about. imma make this short so you can get back to your very important school work...I'm not pregnant (even though I am) and if you don't believe me at the end of this hour come and see my TONED tummy. I'm 18 years old and you're wondering what's happening in MY life? you and your high school life too boring? I thought so. don't worry about me worry about yourself"

— @14emathews, yasss you will know who been running they mouth when the run to come see your stomach lol

— @mariahappy Lmao exactly! my sister goes there as well and a week or so ago she took a picture of my stomach and sent it out over Snapchat with the caption: pregnant who!? bitches be dumb

— @14emathews, Lol my town is like that. at first I was lying about being pregnant then it went to a truck driver being my baby daddy to him being in the army to him not having a job. I don't even go outside but they steady talking lol

— Girl u flaunt that belly! U have a blessing in u. Don't waste ur time proving anything to judgemental idiots! I can't believe people would do that to u. So rude. Acting like they will never have kids in their lives?!?! #idiots

— @mariahappy oh geez :/ my story is just going around the highschool that both my sister and boyfriend attend. the president of the highschool knows of my situation but he's also a priest. @mmmirage I feel its because I am only 18 years old and just recently graduated that's why its such big news over there. just because I'm having my baby young just means that I'll be able to be around and live longer throughout its life. but God forbid something horrible happens. but I'm perfectly okay with the choices I made and my boyfriend and I have been talking about a baby in a few years. its just a little sooner than we expected is all

— U already graduated and considered an adult at 18. I don't know why people are so concerned. My sister in law married my bro at age 19 andddd got preggo right away.. Well sad Cuz she miscarried but no one really said anything. Yeh you're young but watch, u will be a better mom than them when they're 25 or 30!

— @mmmirage awwwhs thank you so much! <3 my man and I have been talking about getting our own place for a while and then in a year or two starting a family. we've got our place to live just starting a family came early. but that's okay well be prepared and ready as can be :)

— Anytime hun! :) u guys have ur head on right. Don't let these people or should I be mean and say peasants ruin ur mood! Lmao This is the happiest time of ur guys life! :) can't wait to see ur tiny baby one day!

— @mmmirage awwhs thank you :) we are very happy and excited that were starting a life together. its too real. I'm beyond blessed to have him in my life and now were moving in together and in July our little one will be here. its all coming together and I'm happy that he and I are together through through this and just already seeing him interact and talk to my stomach makes me the happiest girl in the world. I can't wait for this journey and its just the beginning

— Awwwww u guys are so cuuuute!! God bless u guys! It really is so special! Sometimes I still can't imagine that I have a little human in my belly and from a guy I love so much even tho we r currently having more downs than ups. Lol I knw this baby will change everything... I hope

— @mmmirage it should :) a baby is such a joy and I can't see how two people can't fall even more in love with each other and the fact they're beginning a family. its hard for me to remind myself I'm pregnant. I've had no aches or morning sickness and I still look like a twig haha. but I'm reminded instantly when I hear the heartbeat or my man talks to my tummy or rubs it. I hope things start to look on the upside for you and your man :)

— Thanks girl!! I hope God softens his heart also! You're so lucky to have no pain or even vomiting! I'm 7 months and still vomit! I have so much aches and pains and I'm drowsy 24/7 lmao it's a mess! I can't wait to give birth n feel normal again!!

— @mmmirage I feel like its all coming for me in my third trimester though :/ I read these posts about babies in ribs and unbearable aches and I'm over here like greeeeeeat I have things to look forward to

— Omggg ok I hope I skip that part! Lol I've already had so much pain! My sisinlaw told me the rib pain is in the last month and it's intenseeeee

— @mmmirage well it looks like the first month of my summer is bound to be painful :/ I just hope I stay on this nice easy pace I'm already at. I can handle this haha

— Lol girl I went to the mall today and so many different women would adore my belly and then talk abt how painful delivery was... 😑