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When do u give babies water? Breastfeeding moms? aren't they technically full once the delatch. Do u wait to introduce water since its out a bottle

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— No get a bottle that is similar to a breast like s Tommie tippie and they can start at 4 1/2 to 5 months but only 1-2ounces

— That long! Sheesh. already bought nursery water. LOL @krissy81814

— I gave my 2 oldest nursery water around a week or 2. Not a lot though... Only about an ounce... I plan to do the same when I have this baby.

— i give my baby 1 oz of water everyday shes 3 months and i have since birth

— If you don't mind me asking but isn't that to early to introduce water or it's really nothing wrong with doing long as its nursery water

— Is it after each feeding or just once a day? @ayjeffries @babygirl10-11

— just once a day ... i normally give it to her about an hr after her first morning feeding

— I didn't do it everyday. Until they were a little older. But eventually once a day

— i use nursery water but why would it be to early its only water ? besides my mom gave all her kids water from birth the hospital even used to give them lil water bottles with nipples @amg2469 idk but wic tells you NOT to give ur baby water at all

— @babygirl10-11, I just thought the little tummy wouldn't be able to handle it but that's true..I will now consider doing that..I don't see the harm..I just wanted to know if that would cause problems or anything since its a newborn baby...

— 4 months a few drops in thier mouth

— i put 1 oz in there but she only didnt start drinking the full oz till she was 2 months @amg2469

— @babygirl10-11, well that's good ..I like that..I will def be giving my baby water and you just did it once a day or every other day ?

— i try and do it everyday but sometimes i forget and sometime she will refuse to drink it@amg2469

— @babygirl10-11, so it would have to be like a continuous thing until the baby gets use to it

— no u can do it whenever u feel the baby needs water ... i started cuz my 1st baby was really constipated so i gave him water and it helped so i started giving all my babies water but you really dont have to give them any i also give her some to get that milk smell of her breath lol @amg2469

— I waited for 6 months bcuz my friend daughter started havin seizures from too much water n i was freaked out so i waited til the dr told me it was oh k....

— seizure from water? @indifferent

— Yes too many electrolytes ... She was formula fed n u knw u have to mix that wit mostly water so that milk plus more water everyday it was too many electrolytes for her n she started having seizures ... Freaked me out...

— I say and was also told by my sons doctors 4 -5 months because any younger babies can die from water intoxication to remove the smell I had a cloth for his mouth wet it and would wipe his mouth out and for constipation the have a cream you can use that works great cause I had it cause he had real bad intoxication

— Constipation ****. Not intoxication