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so have to be out of my parent IL nous asap...
we have an apartment on lock 1,500$ deposit and 850$ a month + PG& estimating 900$ a month.
I don't work and my bf only makes 2000$ a month. I'm so stressed. but every one bed room apartment tells me no so we have to get a2 bed room.
money money money money. money is everything!

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— i hate money!!!! i hope it all works out for yall girl!

— My BIL moved in with my husband and I a month before we found out we were expecting. I'm sad that I don't get to decorate a nursery but it's nice to have somebody help with the bills. lol.

— exactly. we are looking for someone to move in but at the same time not really.

— @abbymattingly14,

— @18andpregnant, it's a difficult decision to make. On one hand it's awesome to have the house all to yourselves and have privacy but, it's also nice to have someone helping out with bills so you can have financial peace of mind. Gary and I never planned to have a room mate, the opportunity just arose and we went with it. lol.

— well I just hope this all works I hate stressing out. @abbymattingly14

— @18andpregnant, I'm hoping all goes well for your little family (: Keep us updated! If you need someone to talk to our just vent to I'm here. I was in your shoes not too long ago and I know how stressful it can be.

— @abbymattingly14, thanks girl💞

— What kind of job does he have?! @18andpregnant

— @kaitlynwgers, he's in construction