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what the hell is everyone talking about? everybody mad?!

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— I was wondering the same thing

— we always miss it lol

— girl I'm trying to keep scrolling girl.. lol I see one person involved gotta find the other 😂😂 @meplusmytwo

— I can't find the other person. they say she keep saying that she leaving the app... it must be someone I blacklist 😂 @meplusmytwo

— It's me! It's all about me!! I'll save you the time hahah

— i know i seen 2 girls saying they was leaving the app cuz people are mean lol

— @regelbaby I knew you was one lol cuz I saw your post.. couldn't find the other girl tho..but what happened

— @babygirl10-11 people are punks . people are more mean off this app then on

— @delilahsmommy2015 oo okay

— Jeez man I don't even know!!! Not even worth it!! Alls I know is she thinks I'm a stalker lmao so everyone look out lol

— It's abt this one girl leaving the app Cuz someone keeps emotionally abusing her. I feel bad for her but she already deleted everything. I don't get why people are starting drama on an app! We are here to talk abt our pregnancies . It's not that complicated