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mommas who breastfeed....ok so i pump...but lately my left side just hurts...i pump and it feels better but it still hurts? idk what to do!!! help me please!!! :/

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— hot shower and massages

— just a couple questions , where does it hurt and do you get milk out?

— try warm compresses and massaging the left side , right before you pump it will relax the breast for milk to come down

— @isabellasmommy2015, i have tried hot showers and massaging it :/

— yhen i have no idea hun:( sorry make sure its not getting hard if it gets hard like a rock it might be mastitus

— @mamabirch20, like on the side kinda...and i just use a hand electric one doesnt work too well. maybe i will try putting a hot rag on kinda feels like i got punched and its bruised...ugh idk its just so uncomfortable :/

— @isabellasmommy2015, hmmm ok maybe ill go up to the doctor later :/ it doesnt feel very good...

— I put a warm compress before I pump and its helps a little. just keep an eye out for a hard spot and consistent pain and red marks, it could be mastitis. I hope you feel better!

— also when your pumping give your breast a little break from the suction and then proceed , sometimes I do that and it helps

— @mamabirch20, ok i will try that and see...if it doesnt feel better soon ill have my bf take me to the doctor when he gets off... it sucks :/

— I hope you feel better, keep me updated if you go! I had mastitis before it hurts :(

— yeah my boob doesnt feel too good...ill let you know! @mamabirch20