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Is it crazy that my husband and I have talked about no more then 2 years to have a baby after Ryker is born? My husband will be out of the military in 8 years that will hit 20 for him. After he gets out we will be moving back to his hometown, in our house that we already own and land! I just don't want my kids so far apart like my brother sister and I are!

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— nope. I'm due next month and he wants to give me a year and then have another.. I'll be 22 with my second.. x.x

— I want to at least be healed and not both in diapers lol but we will see.

— @elliot.s, but 22 is not bad. :)

— yeah I agree @rykerpmommy me and my brother are 5 years apart ( I'm oldest) and we get along pretty well but there is defently a gap between.

— Me and mine talked about the samething ❤️ it's better for them to be close in age to me.

— i have a 1 year old as of dec 22nd and im due feb 8th! i love the fact my boys are going to be close in age:)

— @dannettx3, honestly I hate being so far from my sister. we are close as in getting along sometimes but I want my kids to be close and plus my husband isn't getting any younger Lol he will be 30 in Feb and we will be having our first in April

— @mommybump3, I'm so glad everyone understands where I'm coming from:)

— I wanna have another baby at least two year from now so my babies can be two years apart like my sister and I but my experience with this pregnancy wasn't the greatest and my boyfriend doesn't wanna risk having another premie or having me have to be in the hospital again. But hopefully I can convince him here in the next two years.

— Two of mine are 17 months apart.

— @liinababess_, I'm so happy to see your little one grow:) congratulations! and I understand where your coming from! @junebaby that's awesome, I just want my babies close:)

— Yes exactly Hun. I so get you. I think it's awesome to grow up siblings in your age range. Especially since I didn't have that so I want my kids too. And be so close to one another ❤️

— Thanks. 😄 & yeah if it wasn't for those complications I would love for her to have someone to at with and all that good stuff like I have with my sister.

— Nope me and my brother are 2 years apart. Good age difference I think. We were super close as kids and best friends now.