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I've asked this before but I just want to see if you ladies have any ideas for girls names :) I'm so stumped. last name will be Rodriguez!

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— thats goins to be my babys last name, I have only girl names no boy, but I really love Ariella or Amairani

— razieelea

— Those are cute I love "A" names. for a boy he picked Logan. but I'm having the hardest times picking for girls lol I like Arielle thi that's different :)

— Ariella I mean

— @nessa48,

— Avery, Aniyah, Ava, Adalynn, Aurora, Amelia, Aricely, Aniston, Alena

— thanks @junebaby

— your welcome. we had Lily or Zoe picked out and I really like Phoebe or Piper but its a boy.

— Anastasia lol thats my name. i like the name razieel for a boy but aaliyah s my choice for my coming baby u should think of middle names too

— @baarky, I love the name Anastasia too.

— Girl names are so hard to think of, you know when you feel its a final choice when ur husband or parner agrees with it

— @marguerite1990, yea I like them both bcuz they are different n not common

— thanks everyone :)

— Lila

— thats my babys last name lol