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just threw up everything.... ugh its so hard to tell right now because these are all symptoms of a migraine and preclampsia...I don't wanna go in the middle of the night for nothing... baby is moving right now. you ladies still think I should go in?

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— If have swelling in your hands feet and face, a strong headache at the front of your head, any visual disturbances (spots in front of your eyes, blurry, double vision) and you can always call the hospital and speak to a nurse. They will tell you if what your feeling is normal or if you should come in. :)

— To be honest I would just go to be safe rather than sorry. I only went to the er to get my ring cut off cause my finger got really swollen and they ended up finding preeclampsia if I would have never gone for the ring cutting I could've gone another week without knowing I had it.

— I think you should to be safe! just to put your mind at ease and make sure you and baby are doing fine

— @kaity0117, @liinababess_ @marguerite1990 @makeartnotwarr69 thank you so much ladies for all the help! I talked to the on call last night and they told me its up to me kinda but I think I'm going to the clinic this morning to check just to be sure. I mean I have my regular appointment tomorrow but last night the on call said if I can sleep it off to try otherwise if it's still hurting today to Def get checked. it's not a migraine anymore but just a dull pain again.

— Hope everything is ok.

— @mdomke22, how are you and nylah?

— we're good for now! just put an update up :) lol wow our minds think too much alike girly @nylahmylovely

— @mdomke22, thats good glad to here you 2 are fine! only of we were closer we probably be bffs lol with out baby nylahs:)

— @mdomke22, our*

— So happy to hear your okay!!! :)

— @kaity0117, thank you! me to hopefully by tomorrow it goes down some more :)

— @nylahmylovely, hahaha we Def would be!