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how often do you mommas give your newborns a bath?

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— every other day

— every other day

— okay thank you. @rachaelbutsch @junebaby

— I did every 3-4 days with my son until he was about 3 months. It's really not necessary considering they aren't doing anything but laying there. Doing it often makes their skin dry. I cleaned him with a baby wipe and put lotion on him every morning and night though. Of course if he pooped, puked or peed all over himself though I would definitely give him a bath right then.

— ok thank you. @cait.zaydensmommy

— every other day

— @juliagail09, everyday as long as you keep them moisturized the bath actually calms my baby.

— @juliagail09, just depends on you

— ok thank you ladies...her skin is kinda dry and peeling off a bit(idk if its normal i asume so) i put lotion on her and stuff...i just dont want her skin to dry out anymore then it has. i try to keep her as clean as possible...i just dont want to over do it on the baths lol but thank you again ladies! :) @mamabirch20 @jadasmommy93

— your welcome! it took a good week to a week and a half for my baby's dry sky to go away then I did bath time more frequent

— ohhh ok i dont like her dry we like lotion ha she did good on her first bath on monday i just wasnt sure how much i needed to bathe her.. @mamabirch20

— if you put baby oil on her dry skin it clears up pretty fast my daughter has it bad on her face I put baby oil on and it clears up right away!

— oh okay thank you!!! @brooklynnbby

— no problem! @juliagail09