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So my boyfriend thinks he could do a better job at being pregnant, what do you ladies think, can men do it better? Lol

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— they'd be giant babies and whine more then us.

— HELL NAWWWWW. excuse my

— no way! my boyfriend says the same things but then when he notices my body hurting and this emotional roller coaster and these random weird cravings he is instantly reminded that he wouldn't be able to handle what I go through

— @may24th, i can see it now.. Lol @zenmom7 exactly!

— @14emathews, my boyfriend knows what I go through and thinks it's easy. I don't think so

— My husband always used to say stuff like that. Me and his mom said he'd be on the couch everyday crying at how hard life is. It's so true to. He's the family drama queen

— @californiahaley, Lmao..

— @kgonza87 wait until they experience the labor part. my boyfriend was watching videos on YouTube and at first he was disgusted and then he's like nope too much pain

— Those sound like fighting words to me!

— @14emathews, well I've had a baby before so he's been through it before. I just think it's so funny how they think giving birth and go through the whole process is so easy.

— Hell no! Especially not my husband, when he has a cold he acts like he's dying!

— my husband has been texting me all day today saying he keeps thinking about me and what I'm going through with my pregnancy and he feels bad and he wish that he can take my pain. he is being sincere but I doubt a man could handle it.

— 😂😂😂 NO WAY!! My boyfriend is such an asshole about my pregnancies I wish he could experience it for a day

— no way my husband gets a headache and act like he's going to die lol

— nope women handle things way better then any guy there sensitive when it comes to pain husbands so heartless on my first pregnancy though n expects me to be grateful n give him encouragement when I receive none on his end gr.

— nope I think they would cry and whine the whole pregnancy

— Ok so every lady here thinks men would not handle it. I agree 100%. Men are cry babies. They complain about everything.