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okay ,I have a question ...I'll be 14 weeks Friday which means I'll be ENTERING my 4th month right ? Doesn't mean IM 4 months ,because if I was 4 months , that should mean I'm 4 months COMPLETED . So after this week of being13 weeks ,I'll be done with the entire 3rd month . My problem is when ppl ask how far I am &I tell them then they calculate (by months ) they think I'm lying do I explain this to every single person ?

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— there is four weeks in each month. if you're almost 14weeks that means you are 3months. you will not be 4 months until you are 16weeks. and 5months at 20weeks. hope that helps hun.

— say because u not really pregnant for 9 months but for 10 months, I hate when I say it too and ppl are like "no u not 7 months means this many weeks" and I'm like "ok so u not counting when i was just a couple of weeks or not counting the last couple weeks left"

— @jujusmother thank you

— @schevanya lol that's funny :)

— You're not four months till you're 16 weeks the months get counted by weeks like 4weeks=1month

— @twinsmommy no prob👌

— @mymunchkins all months don't have 4 weeks in pregnancy though . months 3,6,&9 have 5 weeks . That's what my what to expect when expecting book says at least

— Oh o didn't know that lol I just always counted it by four weeks lol

— @mymunchkins lol that's what I was doing , I'm about to post the chart for you ... hold on

— look at the yellow parts

— well I was wrong ,not just 3,6,9 it's 3,6,8 AND 9 with 5 weeks ! confusing

— @mymunchkins

— On my app at 14 weeks it says I'm in my 4th month too!

— @mommyanddaddytobe yep that's accurate ,were just entering the 4 th month instead actually BEING the full 4 months. shits confusing but at the end of the day it's still the same ,hell 4months is 4 months LOL

— Hahah right! I understand it now tho cuz it is makin some sense lol

— lol. can you see the chart I posted in these comments? it's showing on my phone but I'm not sure if you guys can see it

— Yeah that's what mine says too on one of my apps! I always wondered but now that I think about it now I get it lol

— exactly lol ... took me a while too