Moms are like snowflakes -no two mom quite the same.

But, we do have similarities and things we can all agree on.

Like the fact that Caillou should be stopped, just like people who say breastfeeding never hurts.

The sad part though is that we don’t always feel free to express our innermost mom thoughts, especially not if we’re new moms.

We fear being judged for living our truths.

But in reality, people just can’t handle the truth!

And the truth is, being a mom is as hard, and scary, and sad, and gross as it is beautiful, and empowering, and joyful, and sweet.

That’s the thing that makes motherhood so magical and precious is that it can be all of those things at the same time. Admitting that doesn’t make you less of a mom. In fact, we think sharing all of the sides of motherhood is actually quite educational.

It helps other mothers mother.

And, when someone is freaking out over the fact they just realized they don’t really think their baby is all that cute, they can know it’s cool and totally normal.

You’re not a bad mom, you’re just a mom.

10 Totally Normal Things All New Moms Think

I’ve made a huge mistake.


I love him, but I don’t know if I can do this.

It’s not that you think your baby is a mistake. Gosh, no! He is beautiful and perfect and precious and destined to be something amazing. If you can keep him alive. And raise him right. And be the mom you thought you were going to be before life got real AF and you realized that this mom life business is haaaaaaaard.

All new moms doubt themselves. Honestly, ALL moms doubt themselves.

Over and over and over again.

Totally normal, but not worth your brain space.

As soon as those I-am-not-good-enough-ti-mother-this-human-and-I-know-I-am-screwing-him-up thoughts creep into your day, shove them right back out.

You don’t have time anyway. You could be napping.

My baby is literally the cutest ever.


Seriously, all of his parts.

Aside from his nose.


His nose is weeeeird. What if it stays that way? OMG, please say it won’t stay that way!

Listen, baby parts are weird. They are wrinkly and squishy and smashed.

They’ve been submerged in fluids and sauces and such, crammed into a too tight space, sans sun, and then shoved through another too tight space before making their debut.

It’s gonna take a couple of weeks or so to spring to life.

How is something so small so hungry?


They have small bellies. And sometimes, they just like to suck.

I am so tired.


Like next level tired. Like I think I just put formula in my coffee maker instead of coffee tired.

I hate my husband.


Look at him over there sleeping through crying. And, just, sleeping.

Note: You don’t really hate him. He knows it and, deep down, so do you. It’s the exhaustion and the stress talking. If it’s really starting to be a problem, have a sit down with him and discuss what you need (HINT: MORE SLEEP). It may be as simple as taking shifts at night or getting time to yourself during the day.



When I see him with our baby, heart explodes. And let him put the dishes in the dishwasher, or bring me tea while I nurse. All of the hearty eyes!

I need to see my friends


I feel like all I do is coo and use my baby voice all day. I want to talk to someone who will talk back, preferably about the Real Housewives or The Bachelor or anything that isn’t related to if my breast milk has come in, what my baby’s poop looks like, or how much sleep I didn’t get last night.

If there could be wine, that would be perfection.

Pro Tip: Download the app so you can talk to real grown ups about all kinds of things. We have new moms and not so new moms and it totally doesn’t have to be feeding chart or poop consistency related!

Why do people only have two hands?


Clearly mothers require three at least. But, evolution should probably go with four just for the sake of symmetry and balance and what not.

A shower would be amazing.


A real one. With shaving and hair washing and maybe a little pumicing. Not one of these wash the important parts, brush your teeth while you’re in there, and for the love of God, do not get your hair wet -ain’t nobody got time for that, showers I am used to.

Please. Stop. Crying.


Please. Please. Please.

Unless, wait. OMG! Is something wrong? Why is she crying? Is she sick? Something poking her? Hot? Hungry? Tired? DOES SHE HATE ME AND THIS LIVE I’VE GIVEN HER? Let me Google it. OH MY GOD WHY DID I GOOGLE IT?!

Calling the doctor. NO! We can got to urgent care.

To the Batmobile!

Wait, she’s asleep now?!

Crisis averted.


This struggle is totally normal for the new mom set (and, honestly, the not so new mom set too). It takes a while to get to truly understand your baby -to differentiate cries, to know what triggers her, and what calms here too. But, trust your instincts. If you truly think something isn’t right, call your doctor. Won’t be the first time a new mom has called just for reassurance!

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