I love what I do for work.

I own two businesses and am basically my own boss with an office in my playroom.

Despite that, if I had my way I would choose instead to be independently wealthy and free to work only on projects that bring me joy.

I wouldn’t care about income, I wouldn’t devote more time to my job than to my family, and I would volunteer at organizations I feel passionate about at least once a week.

I would craft and bake and exercise daily. I would travel to far off countries and meet loads of new people.

Alas, reality.

It is a thing.

And I have to be a working mom to keep my family alive.

I wish there weren’t nights I couldn’t tuck my kids in because of work. I wish I didn’t have to leave my babies at home sick without being there to care for them. I wish I could’ve been there to enjoy every single first with them.

I wish people would stop saying crazy things to me.

8 Things Every Working Mom Is Sick AF of Hearing

I Bet You Miss Your Kids


YES. Thank you for reminding me. I think about my baby daily and wish I could stay home and cuddle his bones all day, every day. However, on the bright side, I know they are probably going to be awesome people because I am doing what I’m doing. To see me going after my dreams, achieving my goals, being independent, and proving that being a mother doesn’t mean I can’t also be a kickass business woman with a successful company has to be a good thing, right? And that’s not a secret dig at SAHMs. Their kids will be awesome too because they get to see their mom working hard too, just in a different capacity.

How Do You Do It All?


I’m not saying I’m not a Rockstar at this whole working mom thing, but seriously, who says I have to do it all? I have a partner with parenting and household responsibilities to tackle too. He signed up for this parenting thing at the exact same moment I did and he isn’t incapable of pulling some weight. Plus, sometimes things just get dropped. But that is life, right? No mom is juggling it all and not ever missing anything or making mistakes or showing up late to things. We all multitask and most of us have days when we just do a piss poor job at it. Whatevs. So, really I am like everyone else. Just I have a job to drop the ball at from time to time too.

Wouldn’t It Be Better If You Stayed Home?


Wouldn’t it be better if I were independently wealthy? Or 40lbs lighter? Or someone who could actually pull off the cold shoulder trend? All of that would be great, but life is what it is and I am here to live it -not sit around and wish things could be different. Also, I own my own business and love it so me “staying home” isn’t a thing I really care to do.

You Probably Miss Out On A Lot


Totally. As a working mom, you’re going to miss all kinds of things you wish you could be there for. Moms who don’t work all day do too. But that’s why I make sure that when I am with them I am in the moment, sucking up all of the memories.

Don’t You Feel Guilty?


First, stop. Just, stop. No one ever asks dads if they feel guilty for working. EVER. Families need to be provided for and it is annoying that people think only a man can and should be charged with doing that. Maybe I am a single mom. Maybe I am not even a single mom by choice. Maybe my spouse is a SAHD. Those exist in 2017. Oh my gosh I wish my husband could be a SAHD!

You Must Have Help


Well, of course. I mean I don’t bring my kids into the office with me daily, so if you consider daycare “help” then yes, I have it. But outside of that, it is possible to work and cook and clean and parent and even wife from time to time without the help of a third party. I choose to outsource what I need to outsource and the rest I tackle alone. Or let slide. Depends on if I got my coffee or not.

At Least You Get a Break


My job is not a break and I didn’t become a working mom to escape my children. I love them even when they are being little punks. Yes, it is nice to be able to put on grown lady shoes and interact with adults from time to time, but I don’t even work for that (especially because I primarily work from home). If I wanted to be social I’d schedule a night out with my husband and friends, not go get a job with responsibilities and deadlines.

Your Husband Must Be Awesome


Why? Not to disrespect to my husband, he is totally awesome, but this working mom thing isn’t happening because he “lets it”. It is happening because I am dedicated, hardworking, intelligent, and driven. I go to my job daily, I feed our children from my actual body, I come home and do homework and baths and stories and cuddles. I cook. I clean. I volunteer for PTA and bring soccer snack. I buy Easter outfits. I host birthday parties. I file our taxes. I plan our vacations. I do ALL OF THE THINGS! Of course he helps, but it’s not like I can only do what I do because he allows me to. We are partners, he is supportive, and that’s awesome. But also, if he got on a ship and sailed to Antarctica tomorrow, all of this would still happen. Believe that.

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