Everyone loves the idea of working from home.

It is arguably the best of both worlds -you get to be home with your children, and available for household management tasks, you don’t have to commute, or listen to your annoying cube-mate open mouth chew his lunch, or deal with office politics, or even put on pants, while also making money for the finer things in life, like food and shelter.

But, as someone who has worked at home part-time or full time for over 8 years, there are struggles not often appreciated by the work in an office world.

For example, you HAVE TO be home with your children. On snow days and teacher work days and all kinds of other days when them going somewhere is out of the question.

And, you are generally expected to manage the household and the kids as if you were a stay at home mom. You don’t have to listen to your annoying cube-mate be annoying, but you also don’t get to see your work husband or work bestie very often. In fact, you may never know the joys of a work husband or work bestie at all.

And, don’t even get me started on wardrobe concerns. When it’s time to go into the office for a meeting, you’re trying to jam yourself into the same, strangely tighter, top and pants every time because your idea of “work clothing” is yoga pants and your husband’s hoodie.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my work at home mom life.

But work at home mom life has its struggles and these are totally for real.

work at home mom life truths

10 Work at Home Mom Truths That Will Make All WAHMs Say Yasss

People Think You’re a SAHM


I really cannot tell you how many times I’ve been volunteered to pick up all of the neighborhood kids on an early snow release day from school by the mom who put on Facebook, “Call Amanda, she’s home.”

Yesssss, but I AM WORKING.

And That You Don’t Reallllly Work That Much


I guess they assume that because you spend the day in your pajama pants you’re also spending the day asleep.


Only You Probably Work More Than Most


Because your employer rarely respects regular work hours, especially if they work at home too. They email you when ideas hit them at 11pm, and often expect you to answer, even if the next day is a Saturday. Plus, no snow days, few holidays, no sick days either. Like, you have to be dying to get a day off. And, if you own your business it’s usually worse! As a business owner you have a constant need to hustle and you tend to do that at every chance.

Which is Why You’re Always on Your Phone


You don’t like it any more than your husband, your kids, or any of the other people in your life, but it’s the only way you can enjoy the other perks of being a working from home mother.

Pro Tip: Turn of notifications and only allow yourself to check email, etc at certain time intervals so you can actually get something done.

It’s Also Pretty Lonely


You have no one to complain to about weird Dwight. Or creepy Creed, or stuck-up Angela, or sad Toby, or lazy Stanley. There will be no Jim to secretly crush on and no Pam to be besties with. You won’t even be able to bad mouth your annoying boss because he’s probably reading all of your interoffice email.

Bonus: You can cuddle with your dog while you work.

And You Really Don’t Have a Lot of Time for Other Things


Contrary to popular belief, when you work at home full time, you don’t really have time to watch Ellen every afternoon or spend your mornings in Target. Yes, you can often have more control over your schedule so that you can go to your kid’s Halloween party at school or break away to get your kid to the orthodontist, but you have to pay for that by finishing up a project after dinner or on Sunday morning before heading to brunch (ask me when I wrote this!).

Getting Chubby is So Tempting


Because you can’t do the whole I-will-eat-a-caupcake-for-breakfast-and-take-the-stairs thing at all. And even if you could, all of the cupcakes are just right over there in your pantry, calling your name all day. No one has that many stairs in their house.

Your Kids Don’t Care if You’re Working


Everyone in the world has proof of this thanks to the now famous BBC Dad. His baby and preschooler bippty bopped into that room like he was Skyping with grandma, proving that they give zero you know whats about you or your “important interview”.

My son once peed in the potty right behind me during a work video chat -it was as epic as it was horrifying.

And It’s Easy AF to Get Distracted


By Facebook and Twitter and your husband and your kids and your mom who called at noon because she knows it’s your “lunch time” (even though lunch time isn’t a thing that exists in your world). There are things at home to distract you and your TV and your dog barking at the neighbor who decided to drop by and ask you about that tree you were talking about cutting down.

But You Still Don’t Have Time for Housework


That’s why it’s in shambles. Because you’re working on work, not working on laundry or dinner or bathrooms or any of that other stuff your family thinks you should easily be able to get done. Lucky for you, since you’re such a killer WAHM, you can also hire a cleaning lady on the sly and not even bother to tell them. 😊

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