By Kate Trout of Maternity Glow

A stroller is one of the most important (and expensive) purchases you will make as a new mom. And if you’re pregnant and in the market for a new stroller, there are definitely a few features and characteristics you should be aware of before you buy. After actually going through a few different ones myself, I ended up finding one that I really love—and learning a lot about strollers along the way. So, here are a few things to consider when shopping for a new stroller!

1. All Terrain Access

A good stroller should have all-terrain capabilities. With mine, I can jog with it around my neighborhood, or take a calm stroll with my baby and my dogs. I can take it to the zoo, or even “off road” it at the state park that is near my house. Because its wheels can take on any terrain, it really eliminated the need for me to purchase a jogger stroller and a lighter weight umbrella stroller. I get the best of both worlds in one item.

2. It’s Easy to Travel With

Some strollers are super big and bulky, making it difficult to tote around or even fit in your car. I don’t have an SUV, so I needed a stroller that folded up easily. If the space in my trunk ever became tight, I was able to simply snap a wheel or two off to make room. This feature was really valuable for me! You also don’t want something super heavy because you won’t want to take it anywhere with you. You should be able to fold it up as well with one hand, so you can hold your baby in the other. These features just make life a little easier!

3. It Has Different Positions

I used an umbrella stroller for a while, but I ended up hating it because I could never lay my baby back if he wanted to nap. He was always forced to sit upright. Strollers that allow you to put your baby into different positions are the best because your child isn’t always going to want to sit straight up, or even recline fully, so you need something that allows your child to find a happy medium so they are content and comfortable in their “ride.”

4. Storage Options

A deep basin in the bottom of the stroller was really important to me. It allowed me to easily stow my large diaper bag, and even some items if I was pushing my baby around at a farmer’s market. I also had to have something that had a parent compartment so I could keep my items organized and my keys and wallet safely concealed, which came in handy when playing at the park. And, it’s always great if the stroller has a tray for you to keep a bottle of water for yourself in, or a place to put snacks and to hold your baby’s bottle or juice cup when on the go.

5. It Has a Sun Shade

My son usually wore a hat whenever we hit the pavement, but I really liked how my stroller had an extra-large sun shade. It literally keep his face and most of his body shielded from the sun, which was important to me on sweltering hot summer days. It also helped keep him cool, and allowed him to catch some zzz’s without being kept away from the direct sunlight. Sometimes, we’d get caught in a rainstorm and the shade also served as a great shield, keeping my son dry and not drenched! It Can Be Used as a System I’m all about getting my money’s worth! And, I learned it made sense to use a stroller travel system. My baby’s carrier that snapped into their car seat base was also able to snap into the stroller frame. It allowed me to access the stroller with ease, without ever disrupting my sleeping baby from its seat. I have a whole guide on stroller travel systems if you want to learn more.

6. A Great Safety Feature

I think a harness system is ideal, so I made sure the stroller I selected gave me the option to fully strap my son in, or simply access the lap belt. The harness definitely came in handy on the days that he simply didn’t want to sit still! The lap belt also helped him feel less restricted, but I had to peace of mind knowing that he was still unable to make his escape!

A stroller is one of the biggest purchases you will make as a new mom. I was able to find my “dream” stroller, and you can too! Consider these features to ensure you buy one, and only one awesome stroller.


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