So you, like every expectant mom out there, may be wondering: can an app on my phone really be that useful during pregnancy? And the answer is definitely YES. What a lot of women forget is that being pregnant is thrilling and worrisome. Having access to the right information at the right time can mean that stress levels are reduced and uncertainties are set straight.

What can the “what to expect pregnancy app” do for me?

  • Provide help and information
  • Put you in touch with an amazing community

Well, without doubt, it can take some of burden from you. It is the one-stop shop access point to a community of mothers and expectant mothers who have been where you are now and are the perfect source for parenting tips and baby factoids. In fact, more women now prefer to use this app over traditional methods because it gives them direct access when then need it. One of the downsides to pregnancy is the amount of new information expectant mothers need to learn to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the baby as well as themselves. This app provides all that and more. Each week the app is updated with the latest news on health, how-tos and what to expect. If you want to follow your pregnancy progress use the built in tracker which helps keep all your goals at your fingertips. Compare your progress via date and time as well as weights and measurements to keep your pregnancy in the best possible shape.

Where can I get the pregnancy app?

Here is the good news. The app, possibly the best app of 2017, is 100% free and available to all users, both iphone and Android. Make that change that really does help, we promise you won’t be disappointed.