We all know that our children are each unique in their own way, what works for one does not always work for the other. I have three daughters and each of them is unique. Even with my identical twins, you might think they share similarities, but I can attest to the fact that the only thing that is similar about them is their looks and their interest in singing at the top of their lungs (off key) to the latest pop song.

Dharma Parenting is a new concept that has recently been proposed by two neuroscientists, authors of the book Dharma Parenting, Robert Keith Wallace and Frederick Travis. Dharma means to 'uphold' or 'support' and is a concept that was founded in Eastern traditions. Wallace and Travis, who are known for their work documenting the benefits of transcendental meditation – believe parents can figure out what 'type' of kid they have and use that information to gain insight into how to parent them. They also believe parents can 'type' themeslves in an effort to help demystify the parenting process a bit more. 

With my three girls, I have three very individual little girls who will no doubt be three different women. And, why shouldn't they be?

Dharma parenting gives a set process to help. It goes something like this:

  • Discover your child’s, and your own, brain/body type (Online quiz here)
  • Heal yourself – meaning get correct with your temper so you can parent well, among other things.
  • Attention and appreciation – be present with your kids, appreciate them. 
  • Routines to improve family dynamics
  • Manage meltdowns and cultivate better behavior
  • Anticipate and adapt – know their needs in advance  to prepare as needed, and adapt to meet those that are unexpected.

In addition to this, the authors break down in their book the different stages of brain development so you are aware of what your kids are capable of at each stage of their life, allowing for realistic expectations. They encourage parents to take care of themselves right along side of their children because ultimately, you cannot raise happy and capable kids if you are not well yourself. 

I dig it. You? 

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