As a mom to twins, I know all too well how very quickly things can happen that lead to an injury of some sort. As a parent in general, I know that it is impossible to keep an eye on my kids for every second of the day, which is why I empathize with the video that is making the rounds today of twin brothers who toppled their dresser.  It's a cautionary tale of why all parents should anchor their furniture, but also a reminder of just how quickly our kids can get into mischief. 

The twin two-year-old boys who were in their room, at what looks to be shortly after getting up in the morning (see adorable footie jammies as evidence). It's then they decided to go for a climb on their dresser.

Because, why not?

And, that's when the dresser topples over trapping one of the two boys. What happens in the following nearly two minutes will stop your breath and amaze you at the same time. 

Before you view, it's important to note that both boys are fine.

It's also important not to shame these parents. There are many scenarios where our kids are left unattended for a few short minutes – while we shower, use the restroom, go to pick up the phone or otherwise. These boys looked to be in their nighttime jammies, and it's possible mom was in the shower, unaware of the noise. She was brave to post this video so the rest of us will think twice before not anchoring the furniture in our child's room. We're already seeing the judgement on her video and as we've said before, it's really  time to stop mom shaming. So, watch, take the cautionary tale, but don't bring on the judgement. 

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Want to meet other moms like you? Download the app! Make new friends, chat, share your day in photos & more! We're live moderated, so no shaming allowed! 

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