I have a soft spot for twin videos. I have a soft spot for twins period because I am a mom to twins girls. There is definitely truth in the thought on twin bonds. They know how to communicate with one another on a different level, they comfort one another like no one else can, and they can get into all kinds of shenanigans that leave a parent with gray hairs far earlier than they ever thought they would get them.

I speak from experience.

Below are 3 moments I’ve actually experienced as a twin mom, but other moms actually managed to catch on camera.

Bedtime Shenanigans

They know they should be sleeping, but they have that built in partner in crime, so why go right to sleep – or sleep at all for that matter?

Sleeping in the same room can come in handy though.

Having a Chat

They seem to just ‘get’ one another. Their conversation flows together in a way that only they understand. It’s endearing (see Alayah and Milan hand holding in first video) and so much fun.

This one has been circulated a lot, but it’s so, so funny. I could watch it over and over again. A real “conversation” between twins – they even laugh at one another as they chat! Do you think the one is trying to tell the other he should find his missing sock?

When they realize they look alike!

Parents of twins always come to a point where they attempt to explain what it means to be a ‘twin’ and I can attest to the fact that the ‘who’s older’ thing matters to them. Thankfully for me, I can tell them they were born in the same minute, so neither is that much older than the other.

Check out the Mcclure Twins as their mom attempts to explain what it means to be identical twins (and that even though they are the ‘same’, they are also different) – they’re not too happy with the 2 minute age difference, but they seem to dig the rest of it.

When they’re younger –  it’s just a sweet, swoon-worthy moment to see.

But, how about when it dawns on their older sibling that they have two of the same baby? Too much fun.

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