Summer is almost upon us which means time to get those summer travel plans in order!

And the planning is the most important part!

When it comes to traveling with kids, it’s important to have your ducks in a row if you’d like to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Gone are the spontaneous long weekends away -I’d like to see you pack up three kids under 4 for a long weekend away in a Friday afternoon!

Traveling with kids is about preparation, planning for the unexpected, and making sure your destination is as kid friendly as you are!

Recently, we had mombassador and mom of 1 spirited 17 month old boy, Ashelea (@mommywifelifestyle), host a chat about traveling with kids. She loves being on the go with her son and has traveled to countless destinations with him. Check out some of her helpful tips for traveling with kids to make your summer getaways as kid friendly and amazing as possible.

Traveling with Kids Tips and Tricks for Parents

Traveling with Kids: How to Have a Great Trip with Kids in Tow

Plan Ahead

Spontaneous with a baby is code for you don’t cherish your sanity and you want your kid to have a meltdown. Take some time to research destinations and find one that is a good fit for your kids. Plan your travel schedule to match up with their feeding and sleeping schedules appropriately. Think about things like budgeting, crowds, packing, and itinerary well in advance of your trip. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Pack Early

Another plan ahead related tip. You don’t want to be stressed just before you head out and you don’t want to risk forgetting something you need.

Research the Hotel

Know what kinds of amenities they offer kids. Do they have cribs or playpens available for sleeping? Is there a mini-fridge in the room for storing breastmilk and other food items that need to be refrigerated for your child? Do they offer special activities for young children, like experiences or childcare. Knowing in advance will help you pack accordingly and plan your travel better.

Know the Airline Expectations

Does your child need a passport (if they are going out of the US, in most cases, yes, but probably not on a cruise, for example)? Does the airline require your child to buy a seat? Do they count your diaper bag as a free carry-on item for your child? How do you transport milk through security? Do they gate check your stroller and car seat for free? These are things you’ll want to know in advance so you can plan your budget, packing, and timing accordingly.

Take Your Camera

And get ready to have fun! Make sure you snap a lot of pics and get in a few yourself. You want your kids to have some pics of their family adventures to look back on one day!

Looking for more tips for seamless traveling with kids?

You can catch up on the entire chat in the app and even ask for some advice of your own here: Traveling with Kids Mombassador Chat

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