As a new mom, the holiday season can be an exciting prospect, but also very stressful if you don't play your cards right. So, we went on the hunt for some mom-to-mom advice for you. What we found is the moms all shared similar thoughts and ideas about how to alleviate and avoid stress. Below are their Top 6 Tips For Saving Your Sanity This Holiday Season: 

1. Check Your Expectations At The Door

This was by far the most popular piece of advice shared by our moms. It can be so easy to get caught up in the excitement and Pinterest boards of the season, but it also one of the quickest ways to elevate your stress level.

Set realistic expectations for each event and activity associated with the holiday and you'll enjoy yourself a lot more. Kids get messy, things break and plans do not go as you thought they might, and that's OK. 

What our moms had to say:

"The idea of making cookies and holiday treats together is always so sweet and magical. The reality? It's a MESS and someone always ends up in tears/uses all the sprinkles on one cookie – which flips the other sibling(s) the heck out and… All that to say… go ahead and do it. Just let go of the romance, yo. And take loads of pictures of the mess because you'll miss it one day." -Jenny, Mom to 3, author of the blog Jenny on the Spot

"Don't sweat the small stuff – and 99.9% of it is small stuff. No one will remember what the wrapping paper looked like, if you had gourmet cookies, or even if the house was spotless! Savor the time with family and loved ones, hug your children, be free with your "I love yous" and "I'm proud of yous". – Meredith, Mom of 2, author of the blog Small Town Tall Girl

"Keep it simple – whether it's a party, a present, or trying to assemble a gingerbread house with a 3 week old and a 3 year old. Keep it simple means asking others for help, ordering in/catering, and letting the laundry pile up because you just can't do it all. If you're stressed, no one else is having a good time. Keep it simple and enjoy this new experience (even if it's not your first time with a newborn)." – Emily, Mom to 2 (a preschooler and a newborn) 

 "You don't have to go to every party or have the best decorated house. If your family is happy and laughing you won! You are the winner!!" -Jolynn, Mom to 4

2. Be OK With Saying ‘No’

When we asked moms to send us their best advice for new moms, this tip was another big one on their list. Saying 'No' during the holiday season can feel impossible, but trust us when we say it is the key to your happiness and sanity whether your a new mom or a seasoned mom. 

What our moms had to say: 

"It's ok to say no to some invites and to choose to do fun holiday activities as a family instead. I used to have tremendous guilt about this but our core family never gets time together and that is very important" -Sabrina, mom to 3 and author of the blog Rhodey Girl Tests

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3. Focus on Quality Time

When you get caught up in the hustle of the seasonal activities, parties and shopping, you are setting yourself up for missing some of the most important parts of the holiday season – quality connections with your loved ones. Choose carefully what you fill your time with. Sometimes, keeping things simple with a holiday movie and hot chocolate is more enjoyable than hauling your family out every weekend for the next parade or holiday festival. Balance out the external events with some quality time at home.

What our moms had to say:

"It's about quality time not quality fluff." -Tiffany, Mom to 2

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4. Cut Corners

Shortcuts, hacks, lazy mom tips – call it what you want, we call cutting corners smart. It isn't necessary to bake from scratch (unless that's your jam), decorate every inch of your home, or be the hostess with the mostess. You deserve to relax and enjoy too. If you don't cut some corners, you'll be so busy you might miss some of the best moments with your family. 

What our moms had to say: 

"Outsource. Amazon everything."  – Patricia, Mom to 1

"Pick-up store bought cookies that you can decorate at home. That's the fun part anyway!!" – Helen, Mom to 3 

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5. Organize Your Time

Organization for some of us (points to self) can be a struggle, but we see the merit in organzing as much as possible so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season. 

What our moms are saying: 

"Get everything done the first week of December and then just relax with your family. This is supposed to be the most magical time of year but if you are so stressed that the music you hear is yelling and fighting. You missed the mark." -Jolynn, Mom to 4

"Make a list or you won't remember anything. And if you are going somewhere, start packing 4 days ahead of time, don't try the night before like I did! Rookie mistake!" – Patricia, Mom to 1


Stay present and attentive to your family. You'll regret not sitting down with your grandparents to play cards or taking the time to watch a holiday movie with your kids. Trust us. 

What our moms are saying: 

"Take photos – even when you don't think you look your best. That's how children will remember. Be PRESENT and don't worry about the presents" -Meredith, Mom to 2


What advice would you offer fellow moms for saving their sanity during the holiday season? Share your tips, faves and more in the app with other moms like you! 


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