To make life with your newborn as stress free as possible, it’s best to start preparing months before your little one is due. Do yourself a favor and make a little “pre-baby bucket list” to not only pass the time, but to make post baby life easy and hassle-free. We asked moms from the community what they did (or wished they did) before their baby arrived and here are their top 6 pieces of advice!

Stock up on essential items.

“Start buying diapers as soon as you know. Stock up.”

“Buy batteries and stock up on them as much as diapers because not everything is a plug in. And sleep and enjoy the quality time with your partner.”

Spend quality time with your partner. Consider investing in a babymoon.

“Promise to never forget each other once baby arrives. Babies require a lot of attention and sometimes husband & wife get left out or both. And organize anything that needs it, save a little money back for dates, babysitters, extra diapers and milk. Stock up on baby meds, onesies, pacifiers, breastfeeding pads, powders, lotions and soaps. You will lose some, you will run out, and you won't want to load baby up just to buy more when you do. Take a deep breath. Work together. Take turns napping. And go through that checklist to make sure you got everything.”

“Go on dates or a vacation if possible. Enjoy your partner's company now before the baby arrives.”

Stay organized. Know what needs to be done.

“Get everything in order before the baby comes. Move houses, get new cars – whatever needs to be done, do it before baby gets here. You don't want to do it with a newborn. Better to not put it off.”

“If you have pets start association training. Also finish the nursery before your third trimester.”

“Talk to a lactation consultant. I wish I had talked to a lactation consultant before I had my little lady.”

Attend parenting classes.

“Find parenting classes and attend them! You'll never know how much you don't know until you choose to educate yourself a little more. Also, definitely share your expectations with your spouse about how things are going to be after the baby gets here and expectations on what you want to happen when going into labor! Communication is key and keeps sanity.”

Make sure to pay attention to your other kids. They may feel left out.

“I'm trying to take each of my older kids individually to do something special – just me and them so they still feel special.”

Pamper yourself.

“Take long baths and showers, go to a spa, and get your nails done because after the baby is out, it is hard to find time for yourself.”

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