Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I know, it sounds super cliché, but in reality, it is just so true.

I was meant for mom life.

I can’t think of another thing I have done in my life that has been more challenging, more exciting, or more joyful.

That doesn’t mean it was all unicorns and rainbows -far from it.

Mom life is exhausting, overwhelming, dirty, and gross.

But, it’s also worth it.

As we look towards a weekend celebrating mom life, here are the things I think are the very best so far.

10 Things I Love Most About Mom Life

Every day is brand new.

And different. No two days are the same, no two experiences are the same.

Every child is so different.

While I wish I could meld the best parts of each of my boys into one super boy who can do and be all of the awesome, I also appreciate that each of them is their own little person. I am so grateful that I get to know them and their unique quirks and personalities.

They expect so little.

Jammies all day and cereal for dinner? They are down for that.

But they inspire you to give your all.

Even when you can barely hold your head up from exhaustion, you still find the energy to read Llama, Llama, with voices, 15 times before bed.

They love you unconditionally.

Even when you suck, even when you fail, they are still there, looking at you with their hearty eyes.

You get to take credit for their wins.

Not entirely, but a little.

And watching them win is pretty much the best thing ever.

Even better than winning yourself.

They teach you as much as you teach them.

Sometimes you don’t even know it’s happening.

Fashion freedom.

Because people seem to expect to little from moms, I can go to the grocery store in a sweat suit and get away with it. Even better, I can throw on some tinted moisturizer and a pair of jeans and people think I look fantastic.

You don’t care if you’re the embarrassing one.

And let me just tell you, there is some serious freedom in that one.

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