There are few things that a new parent wishes for more than sleep. But, as a new parent, you may be struggling to find a way for baby — and you — to get some sleep.  So, what’s the secret?

A solid routine.

This doesn’t mean a regimented schedule where at 5:30pm on the dot your little one must have their bottle or that 8:00pm is the only right bedtime for children under the age of three. It simply means that your child will thrive if you offer them some predictability to their day – however that might look for you and your family.  My family used the EASY method. A regular routine of eat, activity, sleep and ‘you’ time. A method created by Tracy Hogg, The Baby Whisperer. We liked it because it wasn’t rigid, but it was predictable and our babies seemed to thrive with the routine.

So, what do other family routines look like? We had a few of our moms share with us in our community and while each one looks a little bit different, they all have their set predictable pattern to the day:


4-month-old daily routine:

Wake up for the day 6:00am

Baby is down for a morning nap at 8:00am

Baby wakes, is dressed for the day and has playtime by 9:00am

Another short nap around 11:30am before lunch

Lunch and playtime from 12:00pm until afternoon nap.

Afternoon nap at 3:30pm until time to get dad from work

A little evening snooze from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Time for a dinner feeding at 7:00pm

Bedtime prep with a bath and jammies from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Baby goes to bed at 8:00pm


6-month-old evening routine:

Bath at 5:00pm

Read and nurse until 6:00pm

Daddy snuggles until he falls asleep (usually by 6:30pm)

Awake at 11:00pm to nurse or receive a bottle from daddy

Asleep until 4:00am or 5:00am

Mom says: “My day begins at 4:00am, so we love his schedule!”


2-year-old evening routine:

Eat dinner around 6:00pm

Bath shortly after dinner

Tuck into bed at 7:30pm

7:30-8:00pm watch a cartoon DVD

8:00pm – says her prayers and goes to sleep

8:00pm-11:00pm – mom cleans up and relaxes

Mom says: “It will all change once baby #2 is here in October!”

What we love about these is that each family has found a routine that works for them. Don’t be afraid to tweak your routine along the way if something isn’t working out for your family. You will find your groove in time. Consistency, with a little bit of flexibility is key.

What does your evening routine look like right now? How old are your children? Share with moms in the trenches of baby sleep like you just like you. Find friends with moms who can relate. Download the free app now.

Photo via Unsplash/Laura Lee Moreau

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