Yes, we're talking about our app. Stay with us for a moment.

We know that being a mother is the hardest, yet most rewarding role you will ever take on. We know this because we're moms too. 

We get it.

Motherhood is a constant learning process, as soon as you (think) you have it figured out, everything changes.  We know that taking care of yourself while taking care of a child (or children) is not easy. Quite frankly, it can feel like an uphill battle., is a free mobile app where you get to tap into all of the wisdom and support of other moms as well as the entire internet.  

We recently launched some fantastic features to make our app even better than it was before. One of those includes our new hub for information, MomRadar.

MomRadar is a place where you can find all of your favorite media sites for parenting related information, read the latest post from mom bloggers you love and discover new mom friends. Don't forget to utilize our handy mini-apps for daily parenting needs and for a bit of fun, you can keep up with your favorite celebrity social media feeds. Check out the video below for a quick run through. 

In the app you can connect with moms who get this mom gig. The best part? No mom shaming. We have no time for the mommy wars in this app and because we're live moderated we make sure the environment remains positive, constructive and uplifting. is a one-stop-app that includes so many things that you want, and even more that you need. It is the one app that will make your daily mom life better. 

Check out some of our other tutorials and don't forget to join the app if you haven't already! 

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