When you are perusing the app store, looking through all of the apps for moms, it can be hard to decide what you need and what is a time waster. If you’re a mom-to-be for the first time, it might feel even more overwhelming to choose. At mom.life we aim to be an all-in-one solution so you don’t have to bog down your iPad or Android device with a bunch of different apps.

Resources at your fingertips

mom.life is a popular social community that also offers up a variety of mini-apps with planners and tools to track your pregnancy and the development of your baby. It is one of the top apps for moms-to-be because it’s not only a resource for information via our mini-apps, but it’s also a consistent source of peer support. We have moms chatting up to an hour a day in the app sharing advice, offering tips and empowering one another through their days. Need sleep tips? Just ask in the news feed. Want to track your pregnancy? Check out our Pregnancy Tracker mini-app. Curious about your baby’s development? The mom.life Baby Calendar mini-app is for you. We have you covered, and there’s more in the works! Our team is always working hard to meet your mom life needs.

Why moms love mom.life

What makes the mom.life community cool (and stress-free) is that it is live moderated. It is one of the most popular features because moms do not fear shaming or judgement. They have the opportunity to find their online family through shared experiences. Our moms are helping each other through their day-to-day mom life and forming lifelong bonds, offering you an experience like no other.

Your baby will thank you

A happy mom, means a happy baby. When you find your tribe in the mom.life app, you will find yourself more fulfilled as a mom. Friendship is important, and there is data that proves that. It can be tough to find a local playgroup that works for you in your hometown area (although we can help you do that too!), so why not expand your horizons a bit and make connections online? That’s what mom.life can do for you, and it’s also why we’re one of the top mom apps available.

Download mom.life and get busy making mom friends

Our app for moms available on iPhone and Android devices for free, so get to downloading our app and start making friends, tracking your baby’s development and more.