“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

Every parent wants their child to have as many opportunities as possible and developing a love of reading is a wonderful way to start.

But it’s not automatic.

While some children are naturally more apt to enjoy learning through books, learning to read and reading to learn does not necessarily mean you will also love reading.

But, no matter your learning style or goals, all kinds of learners can grow to appreciate the art of a great story.

Parents are in the best position to help their children learn to love reading and begin to associate reading with pleasure.

Here are some tips to help you grow a book lover.

teach your child to love reading

How to Teach Your Child to Love Reading

Fill Your Home with Books

They don’t have to be just kid books either.  Homes that are print rich are more likely to breed readers than homes that lack reading materials.

Be a Good Reading Role Model

Read with, to, and around your kids.  Let them see you with your book in your hand and talk to them about why you love it, how it makes you feel, and why you read for fun.

Take Book Field Trips

We go to the movies after reading the books they’re based on. Or, read about cheetahs then go to the zoo, or read about whales and head to the acquarium. There are books about basically everything and it’s such an awesome way to enrich your child’s experience.

Let Them Choose

Comic books, how-to manuals, sports magazines, picture books -let them have some control over what they want to read.  Reading is reading when it comes to learning to love some reading.

Make Reading a Part of Your Everyday

Like brushing your teeth and eating breakfast. You want reading to just be something that is done on a daily basis -part of your routine.

Designate a Comfy Reading Space

And make it special for your child so they will want to be there. Fluffy pillows, soft throws, good lighting, and plenty of books is a great way to start.

Change Their Books Often

Your child will likely only read the books he has the most access to. Shuffle around the books on the shelf at eye level or in his bookcase so he is more likely to engage with new titles and likely find new genres to love.

Never Use Reading As Punishment

You don’t want your child to think it is negative at all.

Don’t Just Read Before Bed

That is calm reading time. You want to have active reading time too! Time when you can play games, and act out parts, and bring your books to life with arts and crafts and other creative activities.

Get Your Family and Friends In On It Too

You want everyone in their environment to spend time reading with them.

Reward Your Child with Books

Instead of telling them they can pick a toy as a reward, tell them they may pick a new book.

Give Books as Gifts

And encourage your children to gift them to friends too.

Get Excited About Stories Your Child Loves

You want them to know that you think loving books is awesome.

Encourage Your Child to Write and Tell Stories

And listen to them enthusiastically.

Make Reading a Family Affair

Just like you have movie night or game night, mix things up with a book night too.

Want some great books to add to your child’s library?

Here are some great ideas:

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