Every mom loves to capture their baby’s image on camera.

There are so many moments we want to burn into our memories and share with the world!

And we all want to take the best photos possible so that we can preserve them.

Obviously a great camera helps, but with the cost of DSLRs being in the mid to high hundreds or even thousands, we know it’s not possible for every mom.

That doesn’t mean we can’t still capture great shots.

Mobile phone technology has come a long way and it is possible to get good snaps using your phone -if you know how!

These tips will help you take better phone pictures so you have some special moments to cherish too!

How to Take Better Phone Pictures of Your Baby and Toddler

Turn Off the Flash

There are few times your flash is actually going to allow you to take better phone pictures. It’s hard to accept, but when it comes to great photos you need great light, and the more natural the better. You can get good cellphone photos indoors (with your child facing a window and you standing with the window to your back), but cellphone photos are going to look best when you snap them outside in the daylight. But choose your time wisely, harsh daytime photos aren’t going to look much better than those you snap using your flash. Get up and outside early or head to the park in the evening after dinner because an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset are the best time to snap pics.

Don’t Zoom In

When you use the zoom you wind up with grainy, lower resolution photos that are icky. Want to take better phone pictures? Get up and get closer! You can always crop your photo some after the fact if you need to.

Play Around with Composition

Lay on the ground and shoot up at them, crouch and get on the same plane as your child. Stand above them and grab some from the top shop. And don’t forget about the rule of thirds -it can help you create more interesting photos.

Keep Kids Contained

Cellphones can’t adjust quickly enough to keep up with fast moving little people and keep the images sharp and clear. Look for ways to keep your little one from escaping. Put them in a basket, on a bike, a rocking horse or another ride on toy. Give them snacks to get them to stay put for a moment. Blow bubbles, or let them blow some, give them a lollipop or an ice cream cone. There are tons of props you can include in your photos that will look cute and keep your toddler from making a break for it. If all else fails, use burst mode. It’s not a sure bet, but it can help!

Edit Those Pics

Post processing photos just makes photos better. You can brighten them, you can sharpen them, you can crop out your dirty kitchen in the background. And, you can make them more fun too! Filters and titles and other add-ons are fun!

Clean Your Lens

Your cellphone lens gets super gross being dragged all around town. It can cause your photos to be foggy and out of focus. Wipe it off before you start shooting.

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