Mom shaming, a form of bullying towards mothers and their choices, is a major source of unhappiness to modern moms.

And it’s an experience countless moms are forced to endure. In fact, according to our recent research, 79% of moms have experienced mom shaming in some way, most often, from other moms!

Mom shaming statistics

That is a sad statistic to face, and one we need to stop!

We hate that mom shaming is a thing and that moms are out in this world shaming each other, but we love what the community is doing to combat that.

Our goal at is to create a safe, shame free, space for moms to be moms together. We want to be your village -a place you can come to get judgement free advice, support, relief, guidance, and even friendships.

And we’re succeeding!

Moms in our app constantly report how happy being there makes them and many of them even say that app is their ONLY source of social media.

We are so here for that!

So what are moms getting shamed about?

Everything from if they use microwaves to what they do for income. If a mom is doing, another mom is going to judge it, but here are the things that seem to top the list.

Mom Shaming: What Happens and Why It’s Lame

Not Having a Natural Birth

Moms are constantly shamed for their choice to have pain medication when giving birth. Some even report that they receive negative feedback over having a c-section -like their experience is less authentic, less meaningful, or less worthy of recognition because their vaginas weren’t involved.


That’s what that is.

No matter how you bring your child into this world you are a mom, worthy of the title, with an authentic and meaningful tie to your baby.

Never feel that your child birthing choices or circumstances should be looked down on. If all of us had to be judged by what we did or said in the delivery room, few of us would be looking very good right about now.

Not Breastfeeding

We legit can not say this enough: fed is best.

As long as your baby is being fed, whether the milk comes from a nipple you bought or one you grew shouldn’t matter.

Mothers choose to feed their babies in whichever way works best for them and their child.

This is usually the part where people start making excuses -my milk supply was low, my baby was tongue tied, my nipples were inverted, my baby was in the NICU.

Even celebrity mamas fall victim to it.

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But you know what?

Damn that.

You don’t need an excuse!

Maybe you decided to bottle feed your baby just because you wanted to -that’s cool too.

Your body, your rules.

End of story.

Breastfeeding In Public

With the way moms are shamed for giving their kids a bottle, you’d think breastfeeding in public would be encouraged.

It’s not.

People are constantly attacking mothers for the simple act of keeping their babies alive with food.

They’re made to feel ashamed, denied service, asked to leave public places, and generally treated like the town pariah for nothing more than providing their baby with nourishment.


And illegal, actually.

Breastfeeding moms are protected under the law which means you don’t have to leave, you don’t have stop, and you don’t even have to cover yourself when you do it.

Tell those haters to step off, or call the cops on them like this breastfeeding mom did.

Choosing to Work

First of all, with the way America is set up, a lot of moms aren’t choosing to work -they’re choosing to keep their children alive.

Working for many mothers isn’t a matter of making better choices, it’s a matter of life as many families rely on mom’s income to survive.

Even if working is a choice you’re making because you have a killer job that you love and the idea of being home with your baby all day makes you want to peel your skin from your bones, fine.

As long as you’re not leaving your kid home in the care of a nursemaid that’s actually a dog (hello, Peter Pan!), how you spend your day isn’t anyone’s business but your own.

Their Marital Status

Single motherhood is a thing.

Some women choose it, some women find themselves in it, no women deserve to be shamed or judged because of it.

It’s not 1950, the family unit of today has evolved in countless ways and, whether you agree with it or not, what others do with their relationships is not something you need to weigh in on.

There’s no rule that says single moms can’t be good moms and sometimes, single is better than married to a jerk.

Being Young

Young people get shamed for everything. Motherhood is no different.

Being Older

Because older moms don’t have energy for basic things like playing with babies.

And everyone is a critic.

Come join us at where mom shaming is totally not even a thing!

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