The internet may have gone crazy when new parent Chrissy Teigen went on a date night, but we think she’s on to something!

When you have a new baby at home or a few kids underfoot, date night may seem like nothing more than a great idea that is out of reach. Date nights are pricey! It’s nerve racking trusting someone to care for your precious little one! For many moms in our community, date nights are few and far between.

  • “Never had a date night

  • “No date nights, at least VERY RARELY….”

  • “Haha what's date night????? “

  • “We are about to have our first date night since our son was born! I'm so excited! We are planning dinner and a movie. We always loved watching movies together. It was out once a month go-to before baby!

Or, some bring the kiddos along with them….

“We go to the drive in with the kids when there are no babysitters to watch our kids. my daughter is too young to leave with someone yet.”

However, a  2012 study done by the University of Virginia found that parents who get to enjoy ‘couple time’ report being three times happier in their relationship than their counterparts who do not ‘date’ their spouse. Date nights offer distraction-free communication time, increased potential for sexual satisfaction and a higher level of commitment.

So, here are some fun date night ideas from the moms that don’t require a supermodel salary.

1. Bowling

“We love to go bowling! I know it's silly, and dated, but we have a blast! And it's so cheap!”

2. Hookah-it up!

“We went on a date night last night. We went to an awesome steakhouse and then to a lounge with drinks and hookah!”

3. Try new cuisine

“ My husband and I LOVE to go and try a new restaurant on our (very seldom) date nights.”

4. Plan for a staycation or mini-getaway

“We like to go to a different city every few months and stay for a weekend. Sometimes the most fun getaways are not far away!

Some additional ideas to consider:

  • Challenge yourself with a ropes course

  • Have a picnic on the beach

  • Head to a local festival or concert

  • Try out a paint nite

  • Go to a theme park without the kids (trust us, it’s magical)

  • Eat dinner on the seas with a local dinner cruise

  • Hike together on a local trail

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Image via Unsplash/Crew

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