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When you register for your baby, what do you really need?

Is it necessary to have a bouncy seat and a swing? That will depend on your individual baby and if you want to put both items into your budget.

Do you really need three different car seats?  Eventually, yes. And you should always be thinking beyond the first year with your registry. 

Can I register at different stores? Absolutely.

You should always be thinking beyond the first year with your registry.Click To Tweet

So many questions can leave a new mom-to-be stressed, and that’s no good for mom or baby. This should be an exciting time for a mom-to-be, preparing for your new baby is part of the fun – so how do we simplify the registering process while making sure you can find all the wonderful things that fit the nursery of your dreams?

Most of us are aware of the usual registry storefronts – Walmart, Target and Babies R’ Us – for example. Don’t get me wrong, these are all fantastic stores with a great selection of baby gear, clothing, and products. Personally, I have pulled into a Target parking lot on a weekly basis since before having children. However, you are missing out on some great baby gear options if you stick to only these three stores, and with modern apps like BabyList you don’t have to because you can access these stores plus many more from the comfort of your home.  You can organize your in-store and online wishlists in one place for family and friends who can then shop within the app or in-store with the help of the app.

Awesome, right?

So what other stores (online or otherwise) should you consider registering for your little bundle? Below are three more you should consider.

1. Land of Nod

Land of Nod is known for it’s whimsical and creative take on bedding and decor – like this adorable, gender neutral Deep Space Crib Bedding. It has everything from bedding to toys for baby and don’t forget a teepee for your future toddler – a fantastic addition to any room or playroom for imaginary play and reading time and will last for years. They look amazing. All of the items have a boutique feel and will lend themselves to regular home decor, so it doesn’t look like a toy store took over your space. That’s a win in my book.


2. Amazon

Amazon offers a lot of variety and competitive pricing when it comes to baby gear and consumables like diapers and wipes. When I had my twins, their subscribe and save service was a saving grace both for my sanity and my budget because they offered 15% off for the subscription. I had a regular rotation of diapers and wipes scheduled, so I never ran out. Since I had a subscription to Amazon Prime, I also didn’t pay shipping, saving me even more money. When you spend three years in diapers like we did (late potty trainers for the win!), that is essential. Don’t be like me, register for diapers. M’kay?

3. Etsy

Some of my favorite baby items received as gifts were from Etsy. If you’re not familiar with Etsy, you’re missing out on creative, handmade items that can be tailor-made for your baby. You can have items monogrammed, color specified and themed as you would like. You cand find decals for the nursery wall, burp clothes to throw over your shoulder, and fun bibs like the one below. To this day, I still have two monogrammed baby blankets with the names of my twins on them, as well as bibs and burp clothes that I cry into now that they are tall seven year-olds.


What’s the solution?

So, the question remains, how does one organize all of these different wishlist items in one place so friends and family can order them as a gift? BabyList.Click To Tweet

So, the question remains, how does one organize all of these different wishlist items in one place so friends and family can order them as a gift? What if they don’t have their own registry service available (like Etsy)? Your solution for a one-stop organized shop is BabyList. It allows you to combine your wishlist for all things registry into one cohesive list, all within this one app.

It gets better. 

You can even add things like a date night fund, Netflix subscription, and favors like pre-made meals and babysitting.

Before you ask, yes, it is ok to ask for these things because it’s something you’ll find friends and family will offer anyway. I only wish this had been around when my first child was born! To know that I had people lined up to watch my little one so I could have a date night with my honey? Yes, please! I might have even scheduled babysitting for naps, but that’s just me.

What are your favorite stores for shopping for baby in-store and online? 


Head to BabyList  where you can get creative and register from all of the stores that you love both online and otherwise.  BabyList can keep your items all in one place, making it so much easier for you to organize and share with your family and friends. 

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