Are mom friends a must when you are a new mom? What about a seasoned mom?

The short answer is yes, you do need mom friends. The longer answer is that you will find that different types of friends will meet your needs in different ways. Not all mom friends are created equal and that’s O.K. They don’t have to all be your most loyal, best friend. Sometimes, just a good play date partner is all you need in addition to your childhood best friend.

You’re going to have those moms who you can go on play dates with and enjoy their company, but you’ll quickly realize there are moms you definitely cannot confide in about certain things, like your Postpartum Depression. If they’re lacking an empathy chip, they aren’t the best friend for the job.

Eventually, you’ll come across that friend or two who will sit around the kitchen with you over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), and share the ebbs and flows of parenting with you. They’ll see you through the tough stuff, laugh with you through the hilarity of childhood and more.  Or, you may even start chatting it up with a mom online ( app is here for you!) and they’ll just get what you’re going through. They’ll work to get you out of the house because they know you need it, or reach out to your husband because they see you’re struggling.

Those are your people, and you need them. 

When you become a mom, you aren’t meant to go it alone. Period. Whether it’s in person, or online you can find mom friends.

Why do you need mom friends?

  1. Commiserating about birth stories, breastfeeding, tantrums and the many sleep trials and tribulations is a right of passage with mom friends. No one will listen as eagerly or empathize like your friends who are also moms.
  2. Mom friends have mom hair, and do not care. They don’t judge you for yet another day of the ‘mom uniform’.  Yoga pants or Lularoe leggings are a daily ‘yes’ because, comfy wins people!
  3. PPD is real – other moms get it and they will get you through it.
  4. We moms love our kids, but we all want to hide in a closet from time to time with Twizzlers with the hopes of not being found for a minute.
  5. Mommy brain is real, and you need mom friends who can work with that to help you manage this mom life. The saying ‘It takes a village’, do you know where it came from? A bunch of moms with mommy brain who kept forgetting baby wipes, snacks and… their children. It was a necessity that moms help one another, so they became a little ‘village’ to keep the kids clean, fed and safe.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.*

There are many more reasons having mom friends is a valuable addition to your life. The bigger point is that you aren’t meant to do this mom thing alone. M’kay?

How did you meet your best mom friends? 


Join the app, and meet your virtual ‘village’ of moms. You’ll start to make friends, and maybe even find a bestie or two. That’s what is aiming to do for you – dive into our app and chat away with moms who get it. We have moms supporting each other starting during their pregnancies and beyond. 



*The real origin if you’re interested.



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