Everyone thinks they know what mom wants for Mother’s Day.

Maybe a massage, or breakfast in bed. A pretty new purse or a pair of cute shoes.

Here’s the thing though, ask most moms what they want and the list looks surprisingly different.

It is filled with unbuyables, but not the kind you make with glue and colored paper, they kind you create with thoughtfulness and time.

There are countless gift ideas out there, but when it comes down to it, this is what real moms really want.

15 Moms share what they really want for Mother's Day

15 Moms Share What They Really Want for Mother’s Day

A Chore Free Day

I would love a quiet and chore-free day for Mother’s Day. No calls to fetch kiddo drinks or snacks, and no need to plan and prepare a meal. In a perfect world, I’d be able to read and/or write, uninterrupted, for the entire day. –Lauren, mom of 1

No Fighting and Coffee

My Mother’s Day fantasy? I would love to wake up to the smell of my favorite Starbucks coffee sitting on my nightstand. And have a full day of no sibling squabbling. The rest is gravy. –Linda, mom of 2

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Sleep, All of the Sleep

I’d like to sleep in on Mother’s Day, then for my husband & son to take my to a delicious late brunch. Nothing complicated & expensive. Just a relaxed delicious meal where I can see both of their faces. Due to my husband’s work schedule we rarely have meals together. –Joyce, mom of 1

Time to Shop, Alone

I’d like to sleep in and wake up to a clean house. Then I’d like three hours ALONE at the mall, followed by a delicious dinner I don’t have to cook or clean up. Maybe even some “Mommy/Daddy” time after the kids go to bed! –Jennifer, mom of 2


As much as I would like a day of peace and quiet I have to say that as my kids are getting older I do realize that that is in my future and there will be a day when I won’t hear my husband yell at my kids to be quiet and let their mom sleep for one day a year. And as crazy as that sounds I will miss that. So for this Mother’s Day I most want the gift of gratitude for what I have. I understand that many of you would like to throw up now! Lol! –Kathy, mom of 3

Pretty Toes

I want to be sent away on Mother’s Day for a massage, mani/pedi, and facial. Pretty toes have healing powers and so does a little “me” time. –Linda, mom of 2

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An Invisibility Cloak

I’d like to borrow my husband’s invisibility cloak for the day. You know, the one he obviously wears so the kids will walk right past him to go hunt me down to ask me to do something for them. –Shell, mom of 3

Freedom to Binge

My perfect Mother’s Day is the gift of time and freedom from household responsibility. Reading all day, binging TV shows, going to the movies, etc. (by myself) knowing that the things I normally do when I’m home still get accomplished. Without complaint, and without asking. –Liza, mom of 2

A Responsibility Free Day

A day of no responsibility. No whining or fighting and lots of doing things without asking. I can dream, right? –Krystyn, mom of 4

Time to Grieve

Some “me” time. As a parent of a lone surviving triplet, Mother’s Day is bittersweet. It’s a time of dreaming about what could have been. While it’s wonderful to be showered with praise by my husband and daughter, I also need that alone time to grieve. –Stacey, mom of 1

Dinner to be Served

Number one on my wish list: SLEEP. After that, in no particular order: “me” time, a clean house and maybe a nice dinner out. –Mia, mom of 2

Sushi and Laundry

I just want to sleep in. Have the hubby takeover for the morning. After I’m full rested – we could go take a hike, relax and go to the movies, eat out for lunch (sushi) and dinner (anywhere as long as I don’t have to cook). Oh, all the laundry done not by me. Eghe, mom of 2

A Good Book

A good book, a glass of wine and whole lot of quiet. Julia, Mom of 2

A Magical Dinner

I don’t want to buy it or make it. In fact, I don’t want anyone to even ask me 100 times what I want. I don’t want to have to put on pants or a bra to go get it. I just want something I love to appear in front of me, warm and delicious. Amanda, mom of 3

 A Guilt Free Day Alone

I want everyone to leave me alone in the house for a day by myself. No running everyone to practices or whatever, rushing to make dinner, etc. Just peace and quiet to do whatever I want, be it sleep in, eat ice cream for lunch watching mindless tv, read a magazine, whatever. And then have everyone (including the teen!) have dinner and family game night together! –Anastasia, mom of 3

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