Valentine's Day is always a struggle for parents with young kids.

No one wants to babysit.

Even if someone will babysit it's expensive.

And then, if you make it out, you're exhausted and you find yourself wishing you were home, makeup free and under your soft throw on your couch watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the hundredth time.

But, when it comes down to it, Valentine's Day celebrations don't have to be elaborate, expesnive, or exhausting to show you care.

They have to be meaningful, they have to be cherished, adn they have to be yours.

And, if that means pizza and beer and Netflix and chill (chill totally up to you, and we are good with chill when chill means chill too!), then get it girl.

If you need a little help expressing your love today, we gotchu boo.

Just copy, paste, and text to your main squeeze.

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards to Text and Share

And by printable Valentine's Day Cards, we mean download and textable Valentine's Day cards, because ain't nobody got time for printing.


Love is Coffee and Coffee is Love

My Love Grows and Grows

My Heart Goes Pitter Patter

Thank You for Loving Me

Sweat Pants, Hair Tied

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