Every new mother to be worries. It is a natural state when you are pregnant and suddenly there is another life dependent on you for all its needs but one of the best features about the world of today is that there is always an app for it. No matter what you are looking for someone has been there, done it and made an app for it so it is never tough again.

Nothing in the world can compare to that day when you head on down to the doctor’s office for your scheduled 6 week pregnancy checkup and suddenly the doctor turns to you and asks you if you would like to hear that little heartbeat. What a mixture of emotions as it all becomes so real and so exciting. Soon you will be parents.

Most new mothers and fathers to be want to share everything with the people they love and that little heartbeat is right up there at the top of the list. Usually, if you want to do this outside of a doctor’s office, you had to either rent or purchase a doppler machine which was often quite costy. But now, thanks to some very smart thinking, you can do it right in the comfort of wherever you are through the use of pregnancy heartbeat apps.

Can an app really show me my baby’s heartbeat?

Yes it can. But before you rush off and download the app there is a small hiccup. You are going to have to purchase a small additional pregnancy apps heartbeat device that clips onto the bottom of your iphone or android phone which is what actually picks up the heartbeat sounds. Once you have done that simply start up the app, place it gently against your belly and wait, and before you know it you will be hearing your little one. Just remember to be careful and follow the instructions if you use a pregnancy app to hear heartbeat sounds.

  • See the screen pulse with every beat and use the app to record it
  • Hear each beat as it pulls at your heartstrings and brings your baby to you

One of the great benefits to being able to record your baby beats is that you can share it with your doctor who can address any health concerns you may have. As experts they will know what to listen out for and can put your mind at ease or address and issues early.

This app really is an amazingly enjoyable way to get in touch with your baby and share your baby with the world.