For any ladies out there who are expecting a baby and have not yet discovered the superb value of a pregnancy center you are in for a treat. One of the greatest secrets to a trouble free pregnancy are these centers which are a great resource for parenting tips and advice from both experts and experienced mothers. But it actually gets better than this; many of these centers are popular go to places for free advice on how to get pregnant and how to find out if you are expecting.

Feeling like you are all alone out there in a confusing world of sometimes conflicting advice? The community is the beating heart of any pregnancy center and it is from them and with them that tips, advice, blogs and tools come from bringing everyone together and offering the support when it is needed. Learn from people who know what is best for baby and best for you.

It if is so good then what could be better than a pregnancy center?

Well if I’m totally honest there really isn’t much that is better but what can and does improve on it is the pregnancy center app which brings everything right to you at the touch of a button meaning that if you are out of the house and find yourself in need of dietary tips, “what to do if” advice or just find yourself needing to talk to someone then it is right there for you.

Some features of the BabyCenter pregnancy app

Here is a rundown of just some of the features of the app:

  • Development. From start to finish you can keep track of your progress and the growth of your baby from week one to birth and what happens after
  • Health. Be aware of your health, share recipes, learn about what you can and can’t eat and find out what you can do about your cravings
  • Advice. Hear what the experts think about the process and the latest innovations in pregnancy care, learn about your body and your baby, and find out what to expect in the coming months
  • Names. Read through the informational pages to naming help or read about the names trending around the world right now

A babycenter pregnancy app really is something that will challenge your perceptions about being pregnant and help you to keep on top of everything that is thrown your way. At the end of the day it is all about making life easier for you and your baby because, as research has shown, reducing stress during pregnancy can have a profound effect on the health and wellbeing of mums and tots.

Want to know where to find it?

You can either Google pregnancy apps babycenter or simply search for it on your iphone or android device. Looking after baby is the number one job for mum’s to be and if you miss out on this then you are at a disadvantage. So try it today and see where it can take you.