We’ve all heard the old adage about babies being born are something akin to a watermelon but the reality is somewhat different. With that said we, as people, do have a certain tendency to compare things and so the baby size app was born. I think you’ll agree that people have an inbuilt desire to learn new things and this app is just the ticket to understanding the speed of baby growth during pregnancy.

The app for baby size

The pregnancy apps size of baby function is a simple and visual method for determining the size of your baby during each month of your pregnancy.

  • Keep track of the size of your baby. Follow the growth process from start to end with visual cues
  • Know what fruit compares the closest to your baby so you can see and feel it in your hand

To get the app simple search for pregnancy app baby size fruit and download it free to your favorite device.

Each week as your baby grows you can share with your friends and family in this fun and interesting way so they can really understand what having a baby really feels like.