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Ehh fail number 1 of stan starting school. No information …

Ehh fail number 1 of stan starting school.

No information regarding the dress code was given to me just a link to order school uniform, where it shows both black and grey trousers.

Ordered black... Had this gut feeling i should check for a dress code online...

Grey trousers only...


Thank god i noticed early enough to sort it, this is what happens when you dont allow parents in to ask questions and receive this information! 🤦‍♀️


— Weve not heard anything since getting the place is that right? Xx

— Not sure if it's right as yours may do it differently 🤷‍♀️ but I've atleast received dates of when he will online meet his teacher and have a taster day, taster week and his actual start date. Aswell as emergency contact forms, uniform forms and consent of photos 🤔xx

— @bonnieb oh... I'll ring them tommrow as weve had nothing.
Im back for the summer term now too so I'll ask at my school xxx

— I haven’t had anything else apart from getting the placement and confirming xx

— We were emailed three days before Theo started with his start date. Shops were all closed for non-essential items and our local sainsburys wouldn't let us buy uniform there 🙃 it was a nightmare!

— Ahhh I'd be crying 🙈🤣

— Ah it’s alright lol I don’t know where Kaidens going yet so haven’t bought any 😂😂 x

— Oh Jesus! That would stress me right out 🤣 x