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I need to be more positive about what I’ve achieved in the …

I need to be more positive about what I’ve achieved in the last10 months
Becoming a single mom
Moving back to MN
Getting divorced
Getting primary custody of my boys
Getting a new job
Paying off all my credit cards
Paying off a old apartment
Paying off random debt
Getting a new car
We move into our own apartment in 6 days
And there’s more but that’s the bigger stuff.
I really need to start looking on the positive side I hate how I feel so unaccomplish but I’ve done a lot
Also pulling myself out of a very bad dark place my depression and anxiety got so bad I almost let nick keep the boys for 7/8 month until after summer was over, but I kept pushing and fighting for them and my depression is under control and my anxiety is still kinda wonky but it is still better than it was.
Rant over lol


— You did all that in 10 months? Those are some pretty big steps forward. Celebrate your rockstar self!

— Yes 10 months, thank you. Idk why I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing it sucks but I really have.

— You’re absolutely amazing and one of the strongest people I know! Never stop fighting I am so happy for you and proud of how far you’ve come ♥️♥️

— Awhh thank you so much means a lot! 😭❤️❤️

— Those are all amazing accomplishments and I am very happy for you! We need our workout group back ❤️

— I was gonna message you guys after I move actually!! I plan on getting back into the eating right and working out again! Just to hard right now! I would love our group back!

— And thank you!❤️

— @madmummy., yes that sounds perfect!