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Has anyone has their child seen by a research university? …

Has anyone has their child seen by a research university?
We went to the dentist today and Gabes upper tooth is forming how the others did that had to be removed.
We’ve done genetic testing in Boston and nothing showed up abnormal. (Still trying to get the rest of those damn records)
The dentist today suggested the university/clinics in naples, Fort Lauderdale , and Gainesville. So far I think the Fort Lauderdale would be the best option so far. Idk. I gotta call in the morning and figure it all out.

I’m just over whelmed. They don’t know if he’ll even form adult teeth on the right side of his mouth and will probably need implants once he’s old enough.
I’m also torn cause I don’t wanna put him through unnecessary tests but I wanna know what the hell is happening 😕


— My younger half sister has some genetic defect where her canine teeth were missing. She ended up getting implants when she was old enough.

I definitely suggest more testing. Better to know now if there’s anything you’ll be dealing with anything down the road. Good luck. 🙂

— Thank you, glad it worked out for her!
I’ll be calling around places this morning 🙃

— Is it a special pediatric dept?

My husband has gone to Case Western Reserve dental school for implants and they did a great job. Case Western is a very good university in Cleveland, OH.

— @jenx, oh yikes! Did he have it removed? That sounds super painful

I think so too, I gotta call of course. I got home late from the dentist today so I didn’t have a chance but I’m hoping then can help
The dentist today was stumped. He’s never seen something like this either. It’s so weird.

— @ph0enix I believe it worked it's way out and his adult teeth were okay underneath. It was pretty crazy though, teething must have been awful for him!

— @jenx, Jeeze, yeah I cannot imagine that