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So I went around my dads house a couple of weeks ago where …

So I went around my dads house a couple of weeks ago where my lovely brother was, he was having an argument and f-ing and blinding in front of my boys, so I ended up taking them into the house. Anyways my youngest ia now going around telling people to p**s off and f**k off and saying f**king hell. How an earth do I stop this? He seems to enjoy the attention it brings or tells me to p or f off and spit at me. I've took away basically everything tablet, toys, no sweets but he just doesn't give 2 💩


— We introduced 'red words' with my nephew, he heard the f words at school from a little boy and told me to fuck off and said it was fucking raining 🙄🙄
So we said red words are bad and only adults are allowed to use them, we also said he wouldnt get any nice things or presents for him birthday or christmas if he was to carry on using the words on top of trying to ignore it and over praising other things, so when he was swearing we would dramatically have a conversation loud over him swearing completely ignoring it and laugh at eachother (me and my sister) pretending me were having a good time, then when he was intrigued we just said no thanks you said red words and turned away from him, it took time but it worked and that was a like 3 years ago, hes nearly 10 and still when he hears a red word from adults he says "I didnt hear it, I'm not going to say the red words "

— Ignorance is the best way to deal with it in 5 year olds. It worked for me with my children. I don't know from where they heard these words as we're not swearing but all my children gone through this stage at some point xx

— Thank you I'm so glad I'm not the only one. School haven't pulled me aside yet to say he's been swearing so hope he hasn't been doing it in school. I'm trying my best to just ignore him now when he does it. X

— Maybe try ignore it cos he's probably liking the attention he's getting when you respond when he ways it....I know its embarrassing isn't it and hard to know wat to say x

— He is a little bugger. Trying to ignore it but when he does it out in public. School haven't said if he's been swearing yet but got virtual parents eve tomorrow eve. 🙈