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Any advice to help with stans aggression? I have no idea …

Any advice to help with stans aggression?

I have no idea where hes got these kind of words from 85% of the time its just threats but sometimes he does punch and kick...

Its the seconds you tell him no (he dosent get his own way) you get the im going to punch you in the face... Etc 🙈

Preschool have noticed it and are giving him 'calm down playdough' which apparently helps but at home he isnt interested...

He stayed at his nans last night and she told me he threatened to punch her because she refused to get up at 5am. His words being you do what i say or i will punch you! (We have obviously never said this so dont know why he does!

When i tell him off for it at home he will start hitting me so then his dad will tell him off and he will respond 'well mums a stupid idiot 🙈...

Its not only concerning and frustrating but damn embarrassing! 🙈


— I don't know what Stan watches but TV definately impacted Morgan's behaviour in the past. We stopped all superhero shows or anything with fighting (which were all his favourite shows!) Ben10 even Pokemon. We said until he's mature enough to understand it's a cartoon & not how we behave in real life their banned. We've gone back to watching more cbeebies & shows Max likes so he is getting a mix of things now 🤣

Also we use time out / send to room, no tablet etc for bad behaviour. They have to earn back their things if their behaviour has gotten quite bad. Which it does at times they have good weeks & bad weeks. So although it's horrifying & embarrassing if they do it in public stick to your guns I'm sure it's just a phase!

— Charlie will say the occasional thing like that.. or if hes angry or upset he might say something like i will hit you or hit whoever... or another one is I'll break you in half!!

Hes well into his superheroes and power rangers ect these sort of things i think 100% come from programmes ect... but you can only shield them so much!!
They are gonna hear worse things growing up unfortunately and we've just got to say and reiterate how hurtful that is to say or do to another person.

Im not sure if your too young to rememebr bodger and badger but its a proper little kids programme and its taught him words like idiot and nitwit!!.which is the new fave to call me!


— Diversions may help. Which sounds like nursery are doing. My eldest girl has lots of grounding devices (help her combat the frustrations)
Poppets, fidget spinners, stress balls etc. She can still sound off but she seems more manageable x

— Yeah they are the kind of things his nursery offer but when I've tried he's to busy kicking off for what he wants to use them... but thank you I will Be persistent and give them another try!

I made him a little chill out area in his room with curtains, cushions, light, books etc so that when he is sent to his room it's not such a punishment per say as just chill out time but so far not helping 🙈x

— @bonnieb, it’s so hard but it is very normal. He is testing his boundaries. Over praise the calm and good. It drives me insane but it’s working slowly. X

— iPad, cartoons,YouTube,games and earwigging in private convos between you and your partner maybe?🙈

Charlie can behave in the same way and I’m sure it’s learnt behaviour, he is into dinosaurs , superhero’s etc and I find those sort of videos can be violent and so they copy what they see. As for the stupid idiot comment that would be something I’d send him to bed for as well as the kicking and punching. His poor nan I bet she thought what a little shite 😂xx

— Yeah my partner says he thinks it's the shows and stuff he watches on YouTube but I don't know 🙈 he used to be so sweet! 🤣

And yeah Stan likes all the superhero, power rangers fighting crap 🙈

Yeah I take him to his room a few times a day for the way he speaks to me in particular! I think it's just down to him being to used to getting his own way but either way it's getting beyond the joke, not sure how many times he's said he wants me to go die 😬 would think I had a bloody teenager!

And yeah his nan was not impressed I feel sleepovers maybe banned for a while 🙈🤣 all I get off her is ' you need to punish him more' and I'm like I try but other than telling him off and putting him in his room theirs not much I can do, no winning fighting violence with violence! Xx

— @bonnieb, Like butter wouldn’t melt, I miss those days too 😂🙈

I’m sure it doesn’t help matters because they are literally like little sponges and absorb everything in just sometimes it feels like they absorb all the negative stuff and not the good bits 😂

Oh god , I can imagine how frustrating it can be, it’s not easy and it sounds as though out of you and your partner in Stans eyes you are the “weakest link” and so he chooses to push your boundaries other than your partners.

No you are right violence vs violence won’t work not in the long run either! You need to take back control, no making a fuss, no more giving bad behaviour attention, next time he swings at ya 😂🙈... next time he goes to smack you or says something you don’t like get down to his level, hold his hands if you need to to prevent him hitting out , look him dead in the eyes and say “this behaviour is not acceptable you do not hit/speak to me like that because they are hurtful words” , if he throws a tantrum ignore it and carry on with what you are doing , if he carries on being rude or misbehaving send him to his room and tell him why he’s been sent there , be persistent and stick to your guns and whatever you do make sure your partner backs you up and no one gives in xx