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I love when family tells me my son should be in person scho…

I love when family tells me my son should be in person school because he needs to be around other kids and i need time to be a person not just a mom. News flash i love homeschooling and so does my son. We asked him what he wanted to do for school and we gave him choices just like now we have been talking about what we want to do for 1st grade....and there is a pandemic still yes he needs friends and he has some but we are still watching who we spend time around. And yes i would love a break once in a while but i love homeschooling and being a mom i would love to have more kids not just one. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom so i could be with my kids all day. Rant over


— People just need to mind their business, smh. How does anything you're doing affect them? I wouldn't even entertain those people

— I've been telling people, since this pandemic that I think online school should continue according to the child's and parents need. Every child learns different.

— @mom2godzilla oh great! I hope it stays that way

— I one million percent agree with this. There's no right or wrong, better or worse. The only thing that matters is that the child is happy, healthy and learning. It is different for all of them. <3

— @jenx yes some kids just can't function in certain environments. I wish I had these choices as a kid!

— WOW. People need to mind their own business and look into actual facts regarding homeschool or virtual public school. If you're an involved parent who enjoys the learning process, it's fine. So many people think they can just park a young kid in front of a computer and the teacher will take it from there, and those kids don't do well.

My daughter has always done virtual public school per her choice (and ours, but she's always insisted since she was 4 that she wanted to do online school) and she's doing amazingly well. Has wonderful time management and self regulation skills, has MAP scores that are literally off the chart. She does Cub Scouts and has lots of friends. Kids don't have to go to in person school for socialization.

— Thank you your daughter sounds just like my son. He has clubs and sports for friends. He doesn't have to go to a public school to learn how to play with kids. I was just so annoyed like before my son I was a preschool teacher and before that I was in college for elementary education. Im doing what I love and being home with my son all day too its a win win plus staying as safe as possible

— @mom2godzilla Yes, when you have a self motivated student, it's ideal for them. Instead of waiting for all the other kids to be on board with the lesson, my daughter can do her lessons and take her quizzes at her own pace, and sometimes that's fast. So she is never bored. Like her last math lesson on equal shares and fractions, she 100% gets that. It took her 15-20 minutes to go through the lesson, do her workbook practice problems, and take her quiz that she got 100% on. So instead of being bored and squirrelly in class, she busted it out and then worked on something on her own that is more challenging. From what I have seen with your son's schooling during the pandemic, I think he's ideal for it.

— @jenx that's how my son is he gets so bored then can't sit still because he was waiting on other kids and he would get into trouble for just being a kid

— They actually said that to you son personally 😳. I would of flipped my shit.. no one should put that on a child and make him feel like he is being a burden to his mother. And at the end of the day it is up to you and what you’re comfortable with he is only going into first grade he has time to make friends and maybe as time goes on and the pandemic gets better even if he wants to continue to be homeschooled he can do activities with other children, I am sorry they said that to him and you. You’re doing a great job, I also choose to be a sahm and it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You’re amazing and I am sure you’re son appreciates all you do for him ♥️

— Thank you! Being a stay at home mom is hard but I love it. They said it to me and my son together since he is glued to me. Hes my shadow thats why they say he needs friends but he has friends hes been in soccer since age 2 and tball at age 4 but when covid came we stopped all sports and made we only see a tiny group of people. Before covid we were very social. Some kids learn better at home vs school he shuts down around kids when learning but is so confident when its one on one. Alot of kids are in the same spot he is right now with not many other kids to play with and doing school from home its not like we are still in a pandemic or anything lol

— @mom2godzilla, you’re welcome, ugh how frustrating my son plays with other kids but also is glued to my hip still and he is in school 😂 that’s just how some kids are. If it’s working for him then that’s great! Every child is different and you’re doing the right thing by following his lead to make him comfortable.

— @michellemybell09 thank you im just letting him have a say in his education. He did pre k at a school at didn't like being around 20 other kids all day they stressed him out when he was trying to learn things or made fun of him.